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Marion Shako Biography, Songs Wedding and Photos

Marion Shako Biography

Marion Shako is  musician and songwriter, the youngest child of Mr. Aggrey and the late Mrs. Sylvia Shako.

Marion Shako childhood was spent in Mombasa and from the time she was 10 years old Marion would prominently feature in the Sunday School Choir where her mother strived to take her every Sunday in her upbringing as a Christian.

Sylvia Shako would on many occasions in the evening after having a tiring day give her daughters hymn books and they harmonise and sing along with mum before retiring to bed.

Marion had long harbored a desire to minister and serve God and it is in singing that Marion found she could without any inhibitions live in service to God. Her early influences in music include Cece winans whose strength and passion in gospel music Marion admired.

Having joined the Jesus Celebration Centre church choir in Mombasa Kenya, she consistently showed a passion to minister and later became one of the worship leaders in the church.

It was on this platform that Marion began writing her songs and Marion has gone on to produce an Album called “Msaada Wangu”. Marion also serve under Ev. Teresia Wairimu of Faith Evangelistic Ministries.

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Throughout her life Marion has continually poured herself to service, both in ministry and in community projects, attending to the needy. When she’s not working, Marion write songs, read widely Inspirational books and engages in social activities like swimming and drawing strength from the bible everyday.

With a full time job as an Administration Secretary, her interests are broad and varied. For example, while in high school Marion participated in theatre groups and music festivals, and featured prominently as a soloist in the various performances that saw her school capture district and provincial trophies.

Depending on the day and the project, a producer, singer, actress; songwriter, her first love is her ministry in music. She takes pride in leaning on the biblical verses, which many bear testimony for her music. Marion believes that it is the inspired word of God that makes the difference from being “songs of entertainment” to ministering songs for worship, healing and deliverance.

Marion Shako Songs

Her first Album takes its title “Msaada Wangu” (“My Help”) from the bible. It is through a wilderness experience that Marion hang onto a prophetic word spoken into her life by a Prophet of God, that God would give her a new song that will change her life.

Marion is popularly known for her song “Ahadi Zake” which talks of the faithfulness of God, and that which He promised; he will bring it to pass. The song stayed at the top of the gospel charts for months. Testimonies have poured of people who were at the end of the road and saw no meaning in life.… but the song has sincetransformed lives.

Marion Shako Wedding

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Marion Shako

Marion Shako

Marion Shako Interview

Interviewer: Who is Marion Shako?

Marion Shako: Apart from being a celebrated gospel musician with many awards, away from the music glare, I am a simple, down-to-earth and God-fearing person who loves to socialise. I have continually dedicated my life to service, both in ministry and in community projects, attending to the needy. When I am not working, I write songs, read inspirational books and go swimming.

Interviewer: Have you always been interested in music?

Marion Shako: Music has always been a big part of me ever since I was a child.

In the evenings after a heavy day, my mother, who passed away in 1993, would sit with my two sisters and I and teach us hymns. With time the seed planted in my heart as a young child has continued to grow.

Back in school I was an active participant in musical excursions. For example, while in high school I participated in theatre groups and music festivals and featured prominently as a soloist in the various performances.

Interviewer: Why do you sing gospel music?

Marion Shako: Although initially I sang for the love of it, when I gave my life to Christ in 1998, and I later joined Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa, I got an opportunity to serve as part of the worship team. I also became part of the ministry team for Faith Evangelistic Ministry’s monthly meetings in Mombasa.

Although I wanted to pursue music as a career, I did not have the opportunity to do so. As a result I concentrated on my job in business management. It was not until 2007 that I felt the time had come to do something about my love for music.

Interviewer: So How has been your musical journey?

Marion Shako: My immense passion for music saw me record my debut album, Msaada Wangu with songs revolving around the stories of my life and the Scriptures.

The years 2004 to 2007 were some of the most difficult moments in my life and inspired, I embarked on writing the song Ahadi Zake that is in my first album. The following year, the album won Worship Album of the Year at Groove Awards and Ahadi Zake earned me Songwriter of the Year trophy. Msaada Wangu was released in 2007.

I have since recorded two other albums, Inuka Bwana, 2008 and Shukrani, 2010.

On top of this the song Jina la Yesu from the album Inuka Bwana bagged the Worship Song of the Year, 2009, again at the Groove Awards followed by the Yahweh ni Mungu, for Pwani Song of the Year in 2010, and this year, the song Adonai from the album Shukrani also took home the Pwani trophy.

Interviewer: What are you working on at the moment?

Marion Shako: I am busy working on my fourth album after eleven years in the ministry. I feel that it’s time to take the show a notch higher in order to minister to many in Mombasa. Though Mombasa County passes as a Muslim stronghold, I think Christians are actually the majority, although there is no denying that the gospel music scene in Mombasa is yet to pick up as it has in Nairobi.

Interviewer: Some of the challenges you have faced?

Marion Shako: Lack of finances was a major issue. At some point I was forced to clear out my entire savings but still fell short. But God promised me that my songs would change my life and those of others for the better, and so I held on. Although it was not easy, God saw me through.

Also, making countless trips to Nairobi over the weekends to do my recording was taxing.

Finding the right producer to work with was another major problem, but after sometime I settled on Abedi Ngoso, who ended up hemming the whole record by mid-2007.

But even after this, not much success was coming my way until when, on a visit to the Coast, Hope FM crew heard me sing Ahadi Zake at a church function and insisted on taking my album for airplay. That opened the doors for me and was in a way a just reward for my resilience and determination.

Interviewer: What makes you stand out?

Marion Shako: The beautiful vocals and emotional connection with which I communicate with the audience have endeared me to them. My songs are also inspired by the word of God and life experiences.

My role model is renowned American gospel artiste CeCe Winans known for her powerful worship songs.

I have just launched a non-profit ministry called Heart of Worship that hosts bi-monthly night vigil praise and worship sessions in Mombasa led by my 21-member band and I.

Interviewer: The greatest moments of your career?

Marion Shako: Winning the Groove Awards four years consecutively, shining at the Talanta Awards 2009 and being nominated at the Kisima Awards 2008 and 2009.

I was also the Gospel Female Artist of the Year at the Coast Music Awards 2008, and I got the Judah Trophy of the Year at the Impact Awards 2008.

Interviewer: Tell us about your childhood?

Marion Shako: Born to Aggrey and the late Sylvia Shako, I was the last born in a family of five and so my parents kind of pampered me. But besides this, my mother strived to bring us up as staunch Christians.

Interviewer: Your advice to upcoming artists?

Marion Shako: It’s all about patience and waiting on God for your talents to be manifested. There’s a need to have songs that will build, educate, inform and motivate your target group to act and live positively.

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