Migori County News

Migori County is a county in the Nyanza region of southwestern Kenya. The county borders Homa-Bay county, Kisii county and Narok County.

Its capital is Migori, its largest town. The county has a population of 917,170. This County is perhaps the most diverse in Nyanza after Kisumu. The inhabitants include Suba-Luos, Luos, Kuria, Kisiis, Luhya, Somalis, a small pockets of Indians, Arabs, and Nubians. Migori town serves as in important link between Kenya and Tanzania and the second most viable commercial center in Luo-Nyanza after Kisumu. Other major towns in the county include Kehanncha and Isebania in Kuria District.

Facts About Migori County

Area (Km 2): 2,597

 Climate: Two seasons of rain; temperatures 21 – 35 degrees C

 Road network:

Tarmac 72 Km

Gravel/Murram 324 Km

Earth Surface 514 Km

Key National Monuments: Thimlich Ohinga ruins

Migori County Population

 Population: 917,170

Male 48%

Female 52%

 Density: 353 people per Km2

National Percentage: 2.38%

 Population Growth Rate: 3.05%

Age distribution:

0-14 Years49%

15-34 Years – 33%

35-64 Years – 14%

over 65 years – 3%

Migori County Government

 County capital: Migori Town

 Number of Constituencies (2010): 5 (Rongo, Migoris, Uriri, Nyatike and Kuria)

 Registered Voters: 248,453

 National percentage of Registered Voters: 1.97%

 Number of Districts (2009): 4 (Rongo, Awendo, Migori and Kuria)

 Number of Local Authorities (2010): 5 (Municipal Councils of Migori and Kehancha, County Council of Migori, and Town Councils of Rongo and Awendo)


 Resources: Natural (Gold), Water (Kuja and Migori Rivers)

 Financial services: Banks and Micro Finance Institutions, Decentralised Funds e.g. CDF through Constituencies & LATF through Local Authorities

 Poverty Level: 43% of population live below the poverty line

 Main Economic Activities/industries: Agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and mining

 Main Agricultural products: Maize, Millet, Sugarcane, Sorghum, Groundnuts, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Beans, Sukuma-Wiki, Sweet Bananas


 Primary schools: 788

Total enrolment: 240,366

 Secondary schools: 144

Total enrolment: 17,554

 Youth Polytechnics: 10

 Tertiary Institutions: Moi Institute of Technology, Moi & Kenyatta Universities Satellite Campuses, Migori TTC


 Hospitals: 4 District Hospitals and 5 Sub District Hospitals

 Number of Doctors: 18

 Doctors to Population Ratio: 1:52,280

 Infant Mortality Rates: 95 per 1,000 (This for Nyanza Province) KDHS 2008-09

Under-Five Mortality Rates: 149 per 1,000 (This for Nyanza Province) KDHS 2008-09

 Prevalent Diseases: Malaria, HIV/Aids, Diarrhoea, URTI (Urinary Tract Infections)

Notable Private Hospitals: Royal Hospital, Ombo Mission Hospital, Rakwaro Mission Hospital, Dr. Machage Memorial Hospital

Tourist Attractions

Attractions in the county include the Thim Lich Ohinga Ruins which is a protected and nationally gazetted heritage site. This is a unique architectural stone structure built over 500 years ago. Thim Lich’s strategic location forms a perfect stop over for those on their way to or from Ruma National Park and Masai Mara National Game Park, Gogo Falls and also Mac Calder Mines.The beaches of Lake Victoria and the famous Migingo archipelago are also in Migori county.

Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park
Ruma National Park

Category: Tourist Attractions in Migori County

The 120sq km Ruma National Park is close to the shores of Africa’s largest inland lake, Lake Victoria. It is situated in Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza, 425km from Nairobi, 140km from Kisumu, 10km east of Lake Victoria and south west of Homa Bay.

For more information visit: Ruma National Park

Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls
Lake Victoria… The presence of the lake in the region has lead to the development of tourism in the area. This is due to the ever increasing number of local and regional and international tourists that visit the region annually.

Migori County Jobs

Migori County Jobs opportunities for all qualified personnel and those who would wish to work with Migori County government. Jobs in Migori are posted on the county website.

Jobs in Migori County are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access these Migori county jobs advertisement click the link: Migori County Jobs for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Migori County Tenders

Migori county tenders are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access tenders in Migori county click the link: http://www.migori.go.ke  for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Migori County Governor and Deputy Governor

The current governor of Migori is Hon. Zacharia Obado and the deputy governor is Hon. Nelson Mahanga Mwita.

Constituencies in Migori County

  1. Rongo Constituency
  2. Awedo Constituency
  3. Migori East Constituency
  4. Migori West Constituency
  5. Uriri Constituency
  6. Nyatike Constituency
  7. Kuria East Constituency
  8. Kuria West Constituency

Migori County Contacts

P O Box 195 – 40400
Email: info@migori.go.ke
Phone: +254726319450 / +254770304976
Mobile: +254736860086

Migori County Website

Website: http://www.migori.go.ke

Migori County Map

Migori County Map
Migori County Map

Migori County Video