Miguna Miguna Biography and Profile

Miguna Miguna was born in Magina village in Kisumu county in Kenya is the last born in his family. He is named after his dad. That is why he has the same name twice: Miguna wuod Miguna. He is a Kenyan author and columnist. He is also a barrister and solicitor in Canada, and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.He served as a senior adviser to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga from 2009 to 2011.

Miguna Miguna Education

Miguna Miguna went to Onjiko Secondary before proceeding to Njiiris High School. In both schools, he was a prefect. In 1987, he serving as a student leader at the University of Nairobi, for a BA in Literature and Political science. During his second year at the University of Nairobi, he was elected to the SONU as finance secretary. He was also the editor in chief of the campus newspaper.

After the elections Miguna Miguna was detained by the Moi regime for his political activism.After he was released, Miguna  fled to neighbouring Tanzania on foot and briefly stayed in Swaziland. He was granted political asylum in Canada where he continued to pursue his higher education.

In Canada, continued to pursue his higher education where obtained his Bachelor of Arts in political science and philosophy from the University of Toronto in 1990 .He graduated with a first class. He soon thereafter enrolled for a law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School. He later pursued masters in law graduating with distinction.

During his college years, Miguna Miguna started to fight racism and discrimination against people of color in Canada. He was a regular contributor in some of the newspapers in Canada with wide readership.He was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1995 and the Kenyan Bar in 2008.

Miguna Miguna Political Career

After his return, Miguna Miguna contested in the primaries of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)’s nomination for Nyando Constituency but lost to Frederick Outa Otieno. In March 2009, he was appointed as Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s senior adviser on coalition affairs and concurrently served  as the secretary to the Permanent Committee on the Management of the Grand Coalition.

Miguna Miguna launched his first memoir titled Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya on 14 July 2012 which made People to protest against him and was attacked whilst promoting his book at a hotel in Mombasa and had to be rescued by the police.

In September 2012, Miguna Miguna resigned from ODM as a life member and announced his candidacy for Governor of Nairobi County in the 2013 gubernatorial election as an independent candidate.Miguna endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 presidential election.

Miguna Miguna launched his second memoir in February 2013 titled Kidneys for the King: Deforming the Status Quo in Kenya.

Miguna Miguna said that he was suspended because his enemies in ODM and PNU were piling pressure on the PM to sack him. He was reinstated after he suggested to the media that he would write a book. The PM feared the book would expose him.

Miguna Miguna Job History

2009 – 2011: Senior Adviser on coalition, constitutional and legal affairs to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya, Raila Odinga.

  • Served as the Joint Secretary to the Permanent Committee on the Management of Grand Coalition Affairs.
  •  Represented the ODM and Mr. Odinga during the constitutional review process in addition to participating in other important functions of state and government.

2006 – 2009: Senior Adviser and Chief Strategist for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and its party leader, Raila Odinga.

From 2008: Advocate in Kenya

February 1995: Admitted to the Ontario Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor

1989-1994: Coordinator of the Committee for Democracy in Kenya (CDK)

  • An exile-based pro-democracy lobby group that successfully campaigned for the repeal of section 2A of the old Constitution that had made Kenya a de jure one party state.

Miguna Miguna Publications

  • Disgraceful Osgoode and Other Essays. Toronto: Av Publications. 1994. ISBN 0969822812.
  • Songs of Fire. Toronto: Av Publications. 1994. OCLC 31781822.
  • Afrika’s Volcanic Song. Toronto: Av Publications. 1995. ISBN 0969822820.
  • Toes Have Tales. Toronto: Av Publications. 1995. ISBN 0969822839.
  • Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya. London: Gilgamesh Africa. 2012. ISBN 9781908531216.
  • Kidneys for the King: Deforming the Status Quo in Kenya. Ontario: Integrity Books. 2013. ISBN 9780991796205.

Seven Interesting Things About Miguna Miguna

  1. Miguna Miguna was a student leader at the University of Nairobi 1986 to 1987.
  2. Miguna Miguna was arrested and detained for championing multi-party democracy in 1987. He was later expelled from the university.
  3. Miguna Miguna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Toronto. He also has a Juris Doctor (JD) from The Osgoode Hall Law School of York University and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the same school.
  4. Miguna Miguna became the Coordinator of the Committee for Democracy in Kenya (CDK) between 1989-1994.
  5. Miguna Miguna served as a senior adviser and chief strategist for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and its party leader, Hon Raila Odinga between 2006 and 2009. He has also been a commentator on cultural and socio-political affairs.
  6. Miguna Miguna has published six books including the popular ‘Peeling Back The Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya’ in 2012 and ‘Kidneys for The King: deForming the Status Quo in Kenya’ in 2013.
  7. Miguna Miguna was detained during former president Moi’s regime due to his political activism.

Miguna Miguna Twitter

Miguna Miguna Profile

From his website

I was a student leader at the University of Nairobi from 1986 to 1987. In November 1987, I was arrested and detained in-communicado before being released and expelled from the University together with some of my colleagues for championing multi-party democracy.

I fled to Tanzania, then Swaziland before being granted political asylum in Canada in June 1988. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, with distinction, in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Toronto in June 1990; a Juris Doctor (JD) from The Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in June 1993; and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree, with distinction, from The Osgoode Hall Law School in June 2001. I was admitted to the Ontario Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor in February 1995 and as an Advocate in Kenya in 2008. bar-admission

Between 1989-1994, I was the Coordinator of the Committee for Democracy in Kenya (CDK), an exile-based pro-democracy lobby group that successfully campaigned for the repeal of section 2A of the old Constitution that had made Kenya a de jure one party state.

Between 2006 and 2009, I served as a senior adviser and chief strategist for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and its party leader, Raila Odinga.

From 2009 to 2011, I was the senior adviser on coalition, constitutional and legal affairs to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya. I also served as the Joint Secretary to the Permanent Committee on the Management of Grand Coalition Affairs. I represented the ODM and Mr. Odinga during the constitutional review process in addition to participating in other important functions of state and government.

I have been a commentator on cultural and socio-political affairs. I have published six books and thousands of articles in journals and newspapers both in Kenya and abroad. My latest books are Peeling Back The Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya (2012) and Kidneys for The King: deForming the Status Quo in Kenya (2013).

I will be releasing two new books before the 2017 elections.

I am a visionary and committed revolutionary Pan-Africanist who believes in and is committed to a more equal, accountable and transparent governance. I’ve a history of incorruptibility and will instill ethics, honesty, efficiency and order in the delivery of services for the people.

Miguna Miguna News

Sonko nominates Miguna Miguna as Nairobi Deputy Governor

Updated: 17.05.2018

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Sonko has nominated controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna for the Nairobi Deputy Governor position.

Sonko forwarded Miguna’s name to Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi on Wednesday for vetting and approval by the House.

“I hereby forward my nominee, Lawyer Miguna Miguna to undergo full vetting process and approval by the County Assembly for the position of Deputy Governor,” reads part of the letter.

“The nominee meets all the requirements provided for in the Constitution, the Leadership and Integrity Act, the Elections Act and County Government Act.”

The Nairobi Deputy Governor’s seat fell vacant following the resignation of Polycarp Igathe in January 2018.

Igathe, who is set to join Equity Bank as the Chief Commercial Officer, cited failure to earn Governor Sonko’s trust as his reason for resignation.


Lawyer Nelson Havi, who is part of Miguna’s legal team, confirmed to Citizen TV that Sonko had picked Miguna for the top city job, with the nomination letter being picked from the Governor’s office by Lawyer Cliff Ombeta.


Miguna Miguna’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta holding the letter Governor Mike Sonko sent to Speaker Beatrice Elachi on Miguna’s nomination as deputy governor.

Sonko’s surprise move to nominate Miguna — one of his most fierce critics — will certainly raise eyebrows in the political scene and is expected to ruffle feathers in the ruling Jubilee coalition.

It will also be interesting to see the government’s reaction to the nomination of Miguna, whom the State declared a non-citizen and dramatically ejected from the country twice.

Miguna was expected to return to the country on Wednesday, May 16 but he cancelled his return blaming the government for failing to facilitate his “unconditional” re-entry to Kenya.

The firebrand politician said he had decided to postpone his return and instructed his legal team to seek legal redress over the alleged refusal by the Kenyan government to issue him with a travel document.

Miguna said he would announce his new return date as soon as the court gives further directions on the matter.

Source: Citizen Digital

Miguna Miguna: State, courts clash

Updated: 16.02.2018

The government is headed for a major clash with the Judiciary over the deportation of lawyer Miguna Miguna.

Yesterday, Justice Luka Kimaru of the High Court declared the deportation of the self-professed National Resistance Movement General to Canada “null and void and of no legal effect”. The judge faulted the Executive for expelling the lawyer from the country, despite court orders.

Kimaru quashed the revocation of Miguna’s citizenship.

The court nullified the cancellation of his passport and ordered Immigration director Gordon Kihalangwa to surrender the passport to the court within seven days.

But the government defended its action as “procedural and done within the law”. Interior PS Karanja Kibicho yesterday said the government will appeal the decision because, “to surrender Miguna’s illegally-acquired Kenyan passport to the court is not in the best interest of the country”.

Miguna was deported on Wednesday last week after five days in custody. The judge ordered the government to produce him in court, but it deported him. His lawyers challenged the deportation and separately filed for orders to nullify the action.

In his ruling, Kimaru said Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti and Kihalangwa colluded to defeat justice, yet they ought to have led by example and adhered to the rule of law.

The judge held the three in contempt, but said imposing a fine or sending them to civil jail “may not serve the ends of justice”.

“As top police officers, the IG and DCI are required to be at the forefront in respecting summons.” Kimaru said, “the entire criminal justice system will collapse if bonded witnesses fail to appear to give evidence.”

The judge said confining Miguna at the Inland Container Depot police station at Embakasi instead of producing him before court was a scheme to facilitate the Immigration chief to have him in custody. Kimaru said Kihalangwa could not run away from blame, even though he filed an affidavit to exonerate himself.

He was privy to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s plan to deport Miguna. “It was not by chance that Immigration officers found the applicant at the precincts of the station. It was planned.”

Source: The Star.

Miguna Miguna sues to be allowed back into Kenya

Updated: 12.02.2018

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has filed a suit seeking reinstatement of his Kenyan passport and citizenship. He is also seeking an order to allow him back into the country, as well as access to immigration and customs clearance.

Mr Miguna filed his suit through lawyer Nelson Havi, who swore an affidavit on his behalf.

Mr Miguna was deported to Canada on February 6 after being held incommunicado for five days.

More to follow.

Miguna Miguna – How I was whisked to airport before eating my fish

Updated: 11.02.2018

I am a Kenyan citizen by birth.

Pursuant to Article 13(2) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, Kenyan citizenship may be acquired by birth or registration.

I have never renounced my Kenyan citizenship.

Importantly, Article 16(1) of the Constitution stipulates that, “A citizen by birth does not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country.” Canada does not require anyone applying for citizenship to renounce his or her citizenship.

Those claiming that I lost my Kenyan citizenship upon acquiring Canadian citizenship must produce credible documentary evidence proving the alleged renunciation or lose of my citizenship.

They must also explain the existence of any other mythical legal principle that would have inflicted homicide on my birthright.

Whoever makes an allegation against someone has a positive duty to prove each element of his or her allegation.

Significantly, none of my accusers has tendered credible material evidence to validate their baseless and outrageous claims.

My Kenyan citizenship was irrevocably vested on me by my mother, Margaret Suré Nyar Njoga, in a small village called Magina, nestled along the shores of River Nyando in the Kano Plains.

My mother never had a birth certificate, passport, national identity card, a driver’s license or the Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Number (PIN), yet no one doubted her citizenship.

In other words, citizenship isn’t granted by government-issued documents.

Those documents are issued for the convenience of national authorities and those citizens who need them for identification, travel or for purposes of accessing credit facilities.

My Kenyan citizenship was a gift from God and our ancestors.

Article 17 of the Constitution provides that “Only citizenship acquired by registration may be revoked.”

Citizenship is not vested or evidenced by a passport; the latter is a mere travel document issued to a citizen at a stipulated fee as a right under Article 12(a) of the Constitution.

More than three quarters of Kenyans don’t possess and will never own a passport in their entire lives.

However, the fact that they neither need nor have passports doesn’t mean that they are less Kenyan than those who have passports.

Therefore, no one – I mean absolutely no one – has power or authority to waive, vitiate, invalidate or cancel my citizenship on account that I have a Canadian passport or that I acquired Canadian citizenship.

didn’t show me their police badges nor did they produce any valid search warrants.

I understand that a forged search warrant was conveniently “produced” hours after my abduction and illegal detention.

Rather than take me to the nearest police stations 500 meters away from my residence, or 1 kilometer away at Gigiri, or at the CID Headquarters, 3 kilometers away; the heavily armed hoodlums led by Said Kiprotich locked me away for 16 hours in a tiny, cold cell at the Githunguri Police Station, without access to counsel, family, consular services or physicians, after stopping for 45 minutes at the Kiambu Police Station in Kiambu town.

Before driving away with me from Runda, the hoodlums had forcefully snatched my iPhone and threatened to blind fold me.

This ensured that I couldn’t contact anyone. At about 5:30 p.m., advocates Edwin Sifuna, Waikwa Wanyoike and Willis Ochieng’ – together with the NRM-Ke youth – managed to locate my whereabouts at the Githunguri Police Station.

They were told, falsely, that I would be released that evening.

Meanwhile, xenophobic politicians like Moses Kuria and Kimani Ichung’wa had mobilized and armed the Mungiki militia who were by that time burning vehicle car tires on the roads leading out of the police station.

They were baying for my blood.

Yet, by the time my lawyers and supporters left the police station with promises by the OCS that they would be permitted to “collect me” from the police station the following day in the morning, I had been locked up again in the tiny cell.

I was denied access to the mattress and blanket the advocates had purchased for me earlier.

At about 10:30pm that day, my abductors returned and took me away.

There was no ceremony or notice.

We arrived at the Lari Police Station at about midnight.

The Lari Police Station was the worst and cruelest detention centre I was kept in.

The OCS and majority police officers were brutal. They were rude, chauvinistic, degrading and callous.

They denied me access to counsel, doctors, the toilet, food, water and a chair.

They kept me standing in the tiny dungeon for more than 24 hours each time.The dungeon was colder than the Canadian winter. I almost caught pneumonia.

I was shaking. This resulted from being exposed to the chilliness for days on end.In the afternoon of February 5th, burly Flying Squad officers entered the dungeon and said “we are leaving.” I didn’t bother to ask them “where to?” because by then I had lost hope and confidence in their humanity.

In any event, they took me to an unmarked four-wheel drive vehicle, which took off like a bullet followed by about 3 other vehicles.

Another unmarked “police” vehicle had been parked with its rear very close to the front desk of the police station.

After it was driven from the station at a high speed with a siren blaring, the media and some of my supporters started pursuing it.

They believed, wrongly, that it was the vehicle I was being transported it.

They pursued the decoy all the way to the wrong police station in Nairobi. I knew this because the hoodlums who had accompanied me were laughing heartily at how they had deceived the media.

After a long, circuitous route, I ended at the Inland Container Depot Police Station in Embakasi East through the Bypass that goes through Ruiru towards the Mombasa Highway.

For the first time, I was served with a proper meal, given access to cold running water, a tooth brush, tooth paste, two tiny blankets, tiny fragments of a blanket and a room to sleep in.

Very early in the morning of February 6th, more than 15 heavily-armed hoodlums led by Said Kiprotich, placed me in one vehicle, buffeted by numerous others, made an illegal right turn on Mombasa Road, and took off like live bullets towards Mombasa.

They drove for about one hour, refueled near the Athi River diversion, turned into the Kajiado road and continued driving at breath-taking speed.

We ended up at the Kajiado Magistrates’ Court that morning. After a lengthy wait, they took me before a magistrate who ruled, thundering that, “To expect me to allow you to disobey more than five orders from the High Court at Nairobi – a Superior Court – would be to grant you permission to perpetuate impunity and to license chaos in our country.

I cannot do that. You are ordered to take Mr. Miguna Miguna to the High Court at Milimani, Nairobi before 3 p.m. today.” Upon receiving that ruling, the hoodlums took with me like live bullets once more. A team of my lawyers and supporters took off after them in a similar fashion.

Regrettably, my lawyers and supporters gave up on the chase after my abductors had made more than 5 dangerous U-turns on the Kajiado-Nairobi road. After shaking off my lawyers, the hoodlums took the Ngong road, transferred me into another vehicle because, on their admission, “Hon. Aduma Owuor and my other supporters had taken pictures of this car…” – the one I had been placed in from the Kajiado court. However, rather than take me to the High Court at Milimani, my abductors drove me back to the Inland Container Depot Police Station on Mombasa Road.

They kept me in the vehicle for three hours. Meanwhile, a Mr. Kamau demanded my passport, refused to state why he wanted it and went away. He held onto my Kenyan passport for a long time as he constantly chatted with other strangers opposite the police station and on his mobile phone. He looked excited. At some point, the OCS asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner. I told her fish and ugali and kienyeji vegetables.

I also asked her for a pair of slippers since my feet were swollen. Thereafter, another group led by Said Kiprotich, a Mr. Owiti and Chief Inspector Njoroge, ordered me to enter a room “so that we can chat.” I asked to be allowed to visit the toilet.

They initially rudely declined before ordering three heavily armed hoodlums to accompany me into the toilet.

Immediately I emerged from the toilet, more than ten hoodlums led by Kiprotich, Owiti, Njoroge and Kamau surrounded and ordered me to accompany them to the courtyard for a forceful search.

Against my loud protest, they physically restrained me, searched and retrieved a copy of the Canadian passport, which I had then left with it.

However, before doing so, Njoroge, Kamau, Kiprotich and a Somali-looking man who accompanied me to the KLM flight that night, told me, almost as if they had rehearsed it, that killing me would be very easy, at which I retorted, quickly, “Go right ahead! What are you waiting for?” They seemed to have an adrenalin rush! As I prepared to eat the delicious wet fried fish, ugali and vegetables the nice female OCS had ordered for me; my first meal of the day, the hoodlums ordered that “we leave now!” They drove off at extremely high speeds towards Mombasa road, made sharp illegal right turns as Kiprotich stopped the oncoming traffic – wielding an assault rifle and a badge! It was the first time I realized that they were taking me to the airport.

They drove in a long convoy and parked illegally in front of the Kenya Airways departure stage.

After about 25 minutes, Kiprotich and his criminal gang emerged with my Canadian passport and a boarding pass before driving onto the runway, still armed.

At no stage did they hand me over to immigration officers as they have falsely been claiming.

Nor had they given me legal notice and accorded me a fair opportunity to respond.

In fact, they never even made any claims. At about 11:35p.m., the hoodlums removed me from the vehicle where I had now been sitting in for more than five hours, took me through a side entrance to the plane on the runway and gave the KLM crew my passport and the dirty photocopy cut-and-paste document declaring me “an unwanted immigrant.”

They also had a one-way ticket and my iPhone, which no longer worked.

Through it all, the illegitimate despotic usurpers of power – Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto – and their surrogate, Fred Matiang’i, have demonstrated their blatant contempt for court orders, the judicial process, the rule of law, our constitution and democratic principles.

They are determined to make Kenya a pariah ruthless authoritarian state.

As the NRM-Ke General, I cannot allow them.

My comrades, fellow patriots and friends of Kenya will defeat them.

Source: The Star

Miguna Miguna ‘Deported’ From Nairobi

Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) “general” Miguna Miguna was on Tuesday night (06.02.2016) ‘deported’ from Kenya to Canada.

Mr Miguna was placed into a KLM flight departing Nairobi for Amsterdam minutes to 10pm, his lawyer John Khaminwa said.

“We are reliably informed that Miguna Miguna has been forced into a KLM flight for “deportation” to Canada. Now, how do you deport a Kenyan? This Country has been overrun by criminals,” another lawyer Nelson Havi wrote on Twitter.

The official government newsroom said on Twitter, ‘‘Miguna is headed home. The court ordered he gets released and the interior ministry obeyed the orders and even assisted him with a flight ticket home’‘.

Miguna Miguna
Miguna Miguna

The account added that Mr Miguna ‘‘renewed his Canadian passport on 16th June 2017’‘.

It is not clear what law the government used to eject him from Kenya as the Constitution guarantees him citizenship since he is Kenyan by birth.

A senior govt official said that the Interior Ministry will give a detailed statement in the morning.

He said when Mr Miguna was arrested, the Canadian government had written to Kenya expressing concerns that their citizen was being harassed and they wanted him back.

Mr Miguna Tuesday narrated how he was held incommunicado for five days without access to his family or a lawyer following his arrest last Friday.

He said police officers humiliated him by locking him up in conditions “unfit for human existence.”

Mr Miguna was speaking at the Kajiado Law Courts where he was taken after his arrest last Friday on suspicion of taking part in a ceremony in which opposition chief Raila Odinga was sworn in as the people’s president on January 30.

Reports of his deportation come hours after High Court Judge Luka Kimaru barred the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Inspector General (IG) of the police from preferring any criminal charges against him.

The judge had earlier ruled that the Police IG and the DCI were guilty of disobeying court orders regarding his release.

While the court in Kajiado ordered that he be presented before Justice Kimaru’s court at Milimani, Mr Miguna was not produced in the court and his lawyers stayed late within the court’s premises waiting for his release.

He was arraigned in a court in Kajiado on Tuesday but did not plead to charges preferred against him.

Justice Kimaru had directed that police present him before court Wednesday at 11am.

Miguna Miguna at Kajiado Court

The Kajiado magistrate had ruled that Mr Miguna be taken before Judge Kimaru in the High Court in Nairobi before 3pm Tuesday for orders on his bail terms.

He further directed that Mr Miguna appears before him on February 14 to take a plea.

This not likely to happen as the Nasa activist has now been ejected out of Kenya.

Miguna Miguna and NASA Supporters

On Tuesday evening, Nasa supporters who had filled the Milimani courtroom were restless on whether he had been freed after Judge Kimaru ordered for his release.

The judge said he would not leave the premises until Mr Miguna was brought before him.

“I have been informed that he is in the building, so it remains that he is free,” the judge said before he walked out of the courtroom, leaving Nasa supporters shouting and demanding to see him.

Miguna Miguna Charge Sheet

The charge sheet against Mr Miguna alleged that he “was present and consented to the administering of an oath to Raila Amollo Odinga purporting to bind him to commit a capital offence of treason,” leading to fears among opposition supporters that the Nasa leader could also be arrested and charged with committing treason.

Following Mr Miguna’s arrest and failure to charge him in court, the Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet and the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti had been ordered to appear in court to explain circumstances surrounding their failure to release the Nasa activist.

Mr Miguna was arrested last Friday and on the same day High Court Judge James Wakiaga granted him a Sh50,000 bond but he was not released.

Miguna Miguna – NASA ‘OATH’

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations then said Mr Miguna was arrested after he confessed to administering Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s ‘oath’ and for being a member of an illegal organisation – the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Source: Daily Nation

Miguna Miguna Charged In A Kajiado Court

Updated: 06.02.2018

Prosecution lawyers today for the third time failed to produce National Resistance Movement leader Miguna Miguna in court.

The lawyers told the court that Miguna was charged in a Kajiado court this morning.

Miguna’s lawyers led by John Khaminwa however insisted that Miguna be produced at the Milimani Law Courts as ordered.

more to follow

Miguna Miguna location still unknown as IG is summoned

Updated: 06.02.2018

The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the self-proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna deepened yesterday after police failed to produce him in court — for the second time.

The drama is set to continue this morning after Justice Luka Kimaru summoned Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to appear before him this morning for contempt of court.

It will coincide with the plan by NASA lawmakers to “surrender” en masse at Central Police Station in Nairobi to be arrested and charged for any alleged offences the police deem they have committed. The “surrender” is a preemptive move to counter the selective arrests carried out since last Tuesday’s swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President.

So far, three NASA stalwarts — TJ Kajwang’, Miguna Miguna and George Aladwa — have been arrested in connection with the oathing.

Kajwang’ was charged last Thursday with attending an unlawful assembly, being present and consenting to administer the presidential oath to Raila. He was released on a Sh50,000 bail.

Miguna was dramatically arrested on Friday morning when police broke into his Meadows, Runda, house. His location has been a cat-and-mouse game between lawyers and supporters on the one hand, and police on the other.

On Friday, High Court judge Chacha Mwita issued orders to the IG to release him so he could appear in court yesterday morning. The police ignored the order in a-hide and-seek with the lawyers, amidst reports Miguna had suffered an asthma while in police custody over the weekend.

Yesterday morning, Justice Kimaru ordered he be produced in court in the afternoon but police failed again, prompting the summonses to the IG and DCI.

NASA supporters jammed the courtroom yesterday afternoon, expecting police to produce Miguna.

“It is apparent the IG and DCI are in contempt of court. The Constitution sets out rights that includes the right of an accused person to be produced in court within 24 hours,” Kimaru ruled.

The judge said police were operating outside the Constitution by continuing to detain Miguna.

“The IG and DCI should appear before me or bring him personally at 9am. Alternatively, they can release him” Kimaru said.

NASA leader Raila Odinga and businessman Jimi Wanjigi were among those who thronged he courtroom when the orders were issued.

Justice Kimaru earlier had ordered Boinnet and Kinoti to produce the self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement “general” in court by 2pm, but they did not, hence, being cited for contempt.

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said it was having difficulties dealing with police.

State lawyer Peter Malinyani said Nairobi DCI boss Ireri Kamwende had told him he has no instructions regarding Miguna.

“Unfortunately, police are not cooperating and I have no instructions,” he said, prompting the judge to issue new directives.

He detailed to the court efforts made by his office to serve the IG and DCI with the court’s orders.

He said acting DPP Dorcas Oduor telephoned DCI head Kinoti as part of the effort, without success.

“We fear for his life. Is he alive? Is he dead? In hospital? These are the questions that keep coming up in our minds. He has family, they are anxious to know what is happening,” Miguna’s lawyer John Khaminwa told the court.

The lawyer accused the state of frustrating the rule of law, arguing that even the President was not above the law.

“Our judges may be young or old and when they make an order, it must be obeyed. It is becoming fashionable for certain individuals in the government to ignore court orders, which must stop,” Khaminwa said.

Raila and a host of NASA lawmakers were in court to receive Miguna.

The ODM leader did not, however, address his supporters gathered outside the court compound.

Miguna Miguna Anxiety

Anxiety grew on Sunday after lawyer Edwin Sifuna protested that Miguna had suffered an asthma attack but was being held incommunicado without access to a doctor, his family and lawyers.

On Monday, Sifuna told the Star that he last saw Miguna on Friday night at the Githunguri Police Station and could therefore not speak to his health and whereabouts.

“The OCS allowed me to go and buy him food and I brought it to him myself. That was on Friday at 9.30pm. On Saturday and Sunday we went to the Lari Police Station where he was being kept but they did not allow us to see him. We knew he was there but the OCS and the OCP refused to let us see him,” Sifuna recounted.

Lawyer John Khaminwa said he feared for Miguna’s life.

Sifuna likened Miguna’s case to that of the late lawyer Willie Kimani who was murdered alongside his client and driver after being picked by police. Anxiety has been building up in Opposition strongholds, especially in his Nyanza turf and especially because Miguna had become the face of resistance against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Miguna, who served as Senior Adviser to Raila when he was Prime Minister, signed the oath that Raila took on January 30.

After Kajwang’ was arrested, Miguna remained defiant, saying he administered the oath.

Police could not confirm or deny information that Police Flying Squad officers had picked Miguna from Lari Police Station yesterday morning and locked him up at the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit in the Upper Hill area of Nairobi.

NASA supporters chanted anti-Jubilee slogans and burnt miniature American flags outside the Milimani law courts, as they demanded Miguna’s release.

They accused the government of defying the court orders and threatened to march in the city streets if he is not produced today. They threatened to lead the youth to Central Police Station to demand the release of ‘our general.’

Nairobi NASA youth leader Jonah Onyango said, “We cannot sit and watch as our leaders are being crushed. We will fight till the end. This is the beginning of the end of the dictatorial Jubilee regime.”

Miguna joins NASA’s resistance movement
Miguna joins NASA’s resistance movement

Former Nairobi governor aspirant Miguna Miguna has officially joined NASA’s National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Updated: 04.11.2017

Speaking at Capitol Hill in Nairobi, Miguna Miguna said he identified with NRM’s agenda adding that President Uhuru Kenyatta did not win the October 26 repeat presidential election.

“The exercise on October 26 was not an election it was a selection. Uhuru did not win the elections,” Miguna said.

Taking to twitter on Friday, Miguna announced his decision to join the resistance movement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve enlisted with the #NRM at the rank of GENERAL in charge of operations! We must win! #DemocracyNotDictatorship! #Resist

Miguna Miguna who was accompanied by Siaya Senator James Orengo said that they will not relent in their push to have Kenyans boycott products and services from select certain companies and corporates perceived to be in support of the Jubilee administration.

“We are glad to announce that we officially launched the NRM and we will continue telling Kenyans to boycott Bidco, Safaricom and Brookside products,” Orengo said.

On his part, Orengo said that the movement will table a motion of resistance in every county assembly to resist the re-election of President Kenyatta.

“As you know article one of the constitution states that any government formed against the law is not legitimate. We must salvage Kenyans from Jubilee,” Orengo said.

Orengo further added that NRM together with the newly formed People’s Assembly will resume the countrywide demonstrations next week.

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