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Mike Rotich Biography, Songs, Photo and Video

Mike Rotich Biography

Mike Rotich is a Kenyan musician who is  popularly known as sweetstar. His are in Kalenjin. He is popularly known for his songs like a ‘ Team Mafisi’,’Mara’ and others.

Mike Rotich Music Career

The soulful singer, Rotich, will make his mark in Kenya as G.O.O.D Kaleo latest artist to join the power label. He marks his debut effort with the song, “Arap Naeni.” We can’t wait to find out what he comes out with next!

He is an upcoming musicians, within the kalenjin music niche. The song talks about the “truth” whether you are calling on the phone or traveling, learn to say the truth. Enjoy the kalenjin gospel song.

Mike Rotich Songs


  • My dear
  • Imoche kolian
  • sweetstar
  • Kipchom’osnet
  • Uritiet
  • Rumour mongerers
  • Team Mafisi
  • Nono
  • Singapore
  • Mabatan Ki
  • Beautiful
  • Jump Starting
  • Protich
  • Arap Naeni
  • Imoche Ayai Nee
  • Merimella
  • Taritik
  • Dorotia
  • Chamanet
  • Kany Koron
  • Chopait
  • Ingoro Inye?
  • Simba Inn
  • Irene
  • Ikostoi Ano?
  • Bununu Kapchumo
  • Helmetit
  • Sheilla
  • Outing
  • Dai Daisy
  • Kipchom Osnet
  • Safari ya Mtwapa
  • Mara




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