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Mike Sonko Biography

Mike Mbuvi Sonko or Mike Sonko as he is commonly known is the immediate former Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, in Nairobi Kenya. His first stint in parliament was through a by-election in which he floored established political figures such as Ruben Ndolo. He recently became the first senator of Nairobi County after beating his rivals for the seat.

Mike Sonko is known to be generous to the Kenya’s majority poor sponsoring underprivileged children, youth and women. This has made Mike Mbuvi Sonko popular among Kenya’s electorate. He is also known for his unorthodox mode of dressing affiliated with the hip hop community.

Mike Sonko Profile

Mike Sonko’s wealth is traced to Mombasa where he was born and educated. There, his father ran a property and real estate agency, Pelly Properties, which he co-owned with another businessman.

Mike Sonko Mbuvi Education

After completing primary school at Kikowani Primary School in Mombasa, Mbuvi started getting more involved in his father’s business. At the time he was a student at Kwale High School, Kwale County. “My father was a developer and used to sell beach plots at the Coast to European buyers. He made good profits because he bought the plots cheaply,” Mbuvi told The Standard On Sunday. He said he made Sh5 million working for his father when he was in Form Four in Kwale High in 1991. Despite qualifying to go to university, he decided business was his calling. Instead, he took a course in Business Administration and Management at Edxcel International School in Mwanza and Pwani Business College.

Mike Sonko Wealth – Mike Mbuvi Sonko Wealth

At the time, his father and business partner split Pelly Properties. Mike Mbuvi’s father started Gidson Properties where the young man, fresh from school, was the sales and marketing manager. Sonko relocated to Nairobi in 1994 where he bought eight matatus, which plied the Kibera route. He bought more matatus, which plied route 42 to Dandora and Umoja. He operated matatus in Dandora and Umoja from 1994 to 1997. “I was also buying and selling plots and residential houses,” says Sonko.

After 1997, he bought minibuses and began operating his matatu business in Buru Buru where his first minibus was christened ‘Ruffcuts’. He later bought two buses, one double-decker, for a tours and travel business.

Because of helping the youth when in trouble with the police, and ensuring the arrest of a senior traffic police officer due to harassment and alleged extortion, among other things, he became the chairman of the Eastlands Matatu Association. There were more than 5,000 matatus, under him. He gained popularity in 2007 after going to court when Eastlands matatus were denied access to the Central Business District. The Government then decreed that the matatus stop at the Muthurwa market and bus terminus.

Mbuvi said he has since diversified his business. He bought Club Casurina in Buru Buru as well as cyber cafes, salons, boutiques, and phone and accessories shops in Nairobi.

Mike Sonko - Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Mike Sonko – Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Mike Sonko Foundation

Mike Sonko also runs a charitable organisation, which helps needy pupils. He opened a number of youth projects “to empower the youth” in Makadara. He also increased stock for mama mbogas and built them sheds. “But I never spent Sh150 million as claimed. I am not a rich man as alleged. I have given people projects instead of money. I have been doing this even before the campaigns for Makadara,” says Mbuvi. He says his agenda is to eradicate poverty.

His message for the youth is they should work hard to be self-reliant. “I cannot employ all youth but I will register youth Saccos, which will provide loans at low interest rates. Sonko has had his run-ins with the law. In 1995 he was arrested for assault and was released on bond. When his mother died in 1997 the bond was cancelled and he was arrested and remanded at Shimo la Tewa Prison. He escaped to bury his mother and was rearrested, but the court pardoned him. Is Mbuvi related in anyway to Mwau “No way,” he said.

Mike Sonko Wife – Mike Sonko Family

Mike Sonko is married and has three daughters namely; Saumu, Salma and Sandra.

Mike Sonko Children

Saumu Sonko, Salma Sonko, Sandra Sonko

 Mike Sonko Contacts

Mike Sonko Twitter:

Mike Sonko Facebook

6 Things You Never Knew About Mike Sonko

Mike Mbuvi Sonko Background

Mike Sonko was born on February 27 1975. Sonko spent his early years in crime, from mugging people in the streets of Mombasa to becoming a major international drug lord. He is a notorious jail breaker, having escaped from Shimo La Tewa Prison under unclear circumstances. His thuggish, often garish mode of dressing has only reinforced this image of a gangster.

Mike Sonko – Before Parliament

Before Mike Sonko joined parliament, he used to operate a fleet of matatus (Public vehicles) in Eastlands. How he got the capital to start this venture is anybody’s guess. He also used to engage in various shady deals. Whether he is now on the straight and narrow is not clear.

Mike Sonko is a Family Man

Mike Sonko is married and has three daughters namely; Saumu, Salma and Sandra. All his daughters are from different mothers. Saumu is from the late Njeri, Salma is from a woman in Juja while Sandra’s mother is from his current wife Prim.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko  is Popular

Despite his numerous scandals, Mike Sonko is very popular, especially among the youth. Maybe it has something to do with his manner of dressing and the way he carries himself. He tries as much as possible to identify with the youth. He always attends youth functions such as musical concerts and sporting events.

Mike Sonko – Generosity

Mike Sonko is very generous and he can always be seen donating money for various youth initiatives. He caused a stir at the JKIA when he went to welcome our national team, the Harambee Stars, from a successful outing in Nigeria where they held the reigning African Champions to a 1-1 draw. He came bearing gifts, a million shillings from himself and another million from His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, in cash I might add.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko Development Record

He kept his word to the people of Makadara and he greatly improved their living conditions. He established various youth initiatives to help the youth in his constituency get a source of livelihood. He even campaigned for the abolition of parking fees for his constituents. He was recently named the patron of The Association of People with Dwarfism.

Mike Sonko Contacts – Mike Mbuvi Sonko Contacts

Parliament Buildings Parliament Rd. P.O Box 41842 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
LINK: Facebook
TEL: 0722886600
TEL: 0739111999

Mike Sonko Video

Mike Sonko News Updates

Mike Sonko celebrates birthday with ‘running mate’ Muhoho Kenyatta

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko marked his birthday by celebrating his late father, whose grave he decorated with 15 bottles of his favourite whiskey – Johnnie Walker.

Sonko was in the company of his wife and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Muhoho, whom he indicated was his future running mate.

“Today I was joined by my lovely wife Lady Primrose, my friend/running mate 2032/ FP (God willing after the DP and myself) Mo, in celebrating my birthday in style by staying in doors at my Mua Family Farm,” Sonko said in Facebook post on Thursday.

“A day like this my Dad used to celebrate my birthday with me by taking a bottle of Johny Walker, since he had left his stock in the cabinet I decided to celebrate it with him.”

Sonko said this was the first birthday he was celebrating after the death of his father Gideon Kivanguli in September, which prompted the senator to put an end to confrontational politics in his honour.

“I am thanking God for the life of my late dad. Were it not for him, my late Mum and God, I could not have reached where I am today,” Sonko said.

Muhoho Kenyatta and Mike Sonko dine to celebrate the senator's birthday

Muhoho Kenyatta and Mike Sonko dine to celebrate the senator’s birthday

“Some good things are happening in our life as a family and we look up the heaven and smile, I know its you Dad. Thank you for you for the good counsel. Rest in peace Dad, I miss you dearly.”

The senator who is also a Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful , recounted how his dad handled his wit, citing an incident where he altered his birth certificate because he was too young to be issued an ID.

“All students who had attained the age of 18 years were supposed to show a copy of birth certificate or notification of birth document from any hospital,” he said.

“I had to forge mine with a white-out and backdated it by 3 years so that I could also be issued with an ID instantly, just like the rest of my classmates.”

Sonko said though his father was very upset when he detected it, “he forgave me and never lost hope in me even after doing all these reckless things.”

“The mistake of yesterday will not determine the success of tomorrow,” Sonko said.