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Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa Old Town Description

Mombasa Old Town reflects the diversity of the Arab, Asians and local communities that have inhabited it for centuries. It possesses a tangible sense of community while carrying an aura of rejuvenation from the restoration of many of its exquisitely-designed structures. Highlights include mosques, galleries,boutiques, and the fish market.

The old town of Mombasa where most of the heritage of this second largest city in Kenya is largely confined in, is an area of approximately 72 hactares, inhabitated by a richly diverse group of communities : locals, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and the British which have co-existed for hundreds of years. The various social, political, religious and economic actvities of these groups have created a distinct character and culture which together has come to define this old town. The visible aspect of this unique character is a collection of historical buildings dating from the 18th century which combines, African, Arabic and European influences. Many of these buildings still exist, in beautifully carved doors as well as elegantly styled balconies attached to their turn of the century facades.

Mombasa Old Town Contacts

Attraction Type:    Culture
Category:    Community Tourism, Mosque, Temple
Region:     Coast
City / Town:    Mombasa
Road / Street:    Ndia Kuu Road
Telephone:     254 20 374 2131
254 721 308485
Entrance Fee:    Yes

Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa Old Town