A Guide To Mombasa Tusks

Mombasa tusks are a symbolic representation of the heart of Mombasa city. A trip to Mombasa cannot be complete without visiting this sight. The tusks are among the most famous monuments in the city. This is because of their wide exposure on pictures and postcards all around the world.

The thrill of being in Mombasa is to take a photo next to these tusks. As you take your photo please watch the traffic on the busy road.

These tusks are situated at the city center, along the Moi Avenue. The tusks spell the letter “M”, that is, the first letter of the name Mombasa.

Mombasa Tusks

The tusks resemble the elephant ivory. In fact the common name among the locals is “Pembe Za Ndovu”- a Swahili word meaning Elephant ivory.

From a distance, the Mombasa tusks look a lot like elephant ivory. In fact during your first time visit to the site, you always get this impression. Only that the tasks are so huge compared to the real elephant ivory.

Mombasa Tusks

Mombasa tusks are made of aluminum. The tusks form a dual archway over both sides of the road- Moi Avenue.

History of Mombasa Tusks

The tusks were built in 1952 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth visit to the city. Just beside the tusks is a nicely preserved garden called Uhuru Gardens. Here you can relax and interact with the local people who frequent the garden to relax and enjoy the nature.

Activities Around Mombasa Tasks

The most common activity is photography. When you visit this site, you will always have a feeling of taking a photograph. In fact if you want to tell people you indeed visited Mombasa city, just take a photo from this place.

Photographers always flock this site especially during holidays and festive seasons. Charges for one photo are usually one hundred shillings.

Mombasa Tusks Contacts

Attraction Type: Historic Sites
Category: Monument
Region: Coast
City / Town: Mombasa
Road / Street: Moi Avenue
Telephone: 254 41 222 5428
254 722 475796
Entrance Fee: No

Video of the famous Mombasa Tusks