Moses Lenolkula Kasaine Biography

Moses Lenolkula Kasaine was born in 1976. He is a Kenyan politician and the governor of Samburu county,alongside deputy governor Joseph Lamarkat. He is a member of United Republican Party and a coalition member of Jubilee Alliance.

Education Background

Undergraduate student at Egerton University, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.

Secondary school student at Kirisia Secondary School

Primary school student at Poro Primary School

Moses Lenolkula Kasaine mission as a governor

Tackling insecurity and cattle rustling, creation of jobs and employment opportunities for the youth, boosting the tourism industry, establishing of more wildlife conservancies, engaging the young-unemployed people as rangers, incorporating the youth in policing forest-cover, developing livestock farming, establishing abattoirs, improving infrastructure and education, constructing early childhood development centres, constructing polytechnics, providing clean drinking water and medical services, equipping farmers with knowledge on drought resistant crops and modern farming methods and water harvesting.


Moses Lenolkula Kasaine Photo
Moses Lenolkula Kasaine Photo