A Guide To Mount Suswa Conservancy

Mount Suswa conservancy was established to halt the massive degradation of Mt Suswa ecosystem and promote sustainable use of its resources. It hosts animals like baboons, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, civet cats, wild dogs and rock hyraxes. Tourism activities here include hiking, cave exploration, Camping and wildlife tours.

Mt. Suswa is seen and driven past by thousands of safari goers every year in Kenya as they descend or travel over the Great Rift Valley escarpment enroute to the Maasai Mara or Nakuru. When stopping to take those stunning landscape photo’s not many people take note that they are photographing Mt. Suswa and it’s more famous cousin Mt. Longonot. They drive past it complaining of the long road journey between Nairobi and the Mara but without ever investigating what else may lay between the two to be explored.

Mount Suswa Conservancy
Mount Suswa Conservancy

Camping at Mount Suswa

Mount Suswa is such a special place – completely remote, untouched, and mind-blowingly beautiful.

Mount Suswa is an inactive volcano in the Rift Valley boasting a unique double-caldera, with an outer crater surrounding a second, inner peak. While not that far from Nairobi, Suswa is not exactly easy to get to. It can be reached with a 4WD by one of two winding roads, often changing as land-owners fence off new bits of land, blocking what was previously the road up the mountain.

Mount Suswa Conservancy Contacts

Mount Suswa Conservancy
Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Wildlife Conservancy
Region: South Rift
Telephone: +254 20 241 7864, +254 20 262 2961
Entrance Fee: Yes

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