Mr. Googz (Moffat Omari) Biography

He grew up in Zimmerman suburb of Nairobi. He attended Ainsworth Primary School in Eastleigh, Nairobi and later Highway Secondary School.

Mr. Googz (Moffat Omari) Songs

He teamed up with Vinnie Bantonn forming a duo. They joined the Ogopa DJ’s record label. In 2002 they released the “Wasee (Githurai)” song, which became a national hit in Kenya. The song featured also Mr. Lenny and it was dedicated to Githurai, a suburb in northeastern outskirts of Nairobi. In 2003 they left Ogopa DJ’s record label together with Longombas and Deux Vultures, and formed an own label, Bad Man Camp.

Mr. Googz parted ways with Vinnie Banton in 2004 as both preferred solo careers.Mr. Googz turned from secular to gospel music in 2005. He released his first gospel album His Love in 2006. He has retained his popularity even after the switch to gospel.

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Mr. Googz(Moffat Omari)