A Guide To Nairobi Gallery

Nairobi Gallery was fondly referred to by the settler community as Hatches, Matches and Dispatches because of the births, marriages, and deaths that were recorded here. This museum holds temporary rotating exhibitions of local Kenyan crafts, school completion pieces, and votive objects from various tribal groups.Nairobi Gallery

Located right in the heart of Nairobi City next to Nyayo House is The Nairobi Gallery. It is housed in the Old PC’s (provincial commissioner) office building. Built in 1913, it was referred to as ‘Hatches, Matches and Dispatches’ because of the births, marriages and deaths that were recorded here.

 In September 2005, a restoration of the building was completed by the National Museums of Kenya, and today, the venue displays many historical and contemporary pieces of art. One of the most prominent collections is the Murumbi Collection that includes Gabra and Somali wooden jugs, African postage stamps, folk art from the Rendille and Karamojong and many other beautiful pieces.

What to do and see at Nairobi Gallery

The main activity at the gallery is looking at the beautiful art collections of the African culture that leaves you inspired and impressed. Every piece of art in this gallery is eye catching and amazing. At this gallery you realize how Africans were very creative: their traditional fashion, the wood carvings, furniture and utensils all leaves you surprised how they managed to make such beautiful pieces of art.

The gallery also houses the home of murumbi, the private art collector. This home had various art collections owing to the fact that the owner was an art collector, this home had an African theme which shows how murumbi loved Africa and so the need for preserving the culture for future generations.

One can also come to this gallery to specifically shop for the African artifacts that are sold at relatively fair prices.

How to get to Nairobi Gallery

By road: The gallery is located in the heart of Nairobi City next to Nyayo House and it is easily accessible by Uhuru highway and kenyatta avenue as it is located at the intersection of the two roads.

A Map to Nairobi Gallery

Nairobi Gallery Contacts

Attraction Type: Culture, Historic Sites
Category: Art Gallery, Historical Museum
Region: Nairobi
City / Town: Nairobi
Road / Street: Uhuru Highway
Telephone: +254 20 221 6566
+254 771 341851
Email: curator.oldpc@museums.or.ke
Website: http://www.museums.or.ke/content/blogcategory/51/7
Entrance Fee: Yes

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