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Najib Balala  was Born in 1967 in Mombasa. He is a Kenyan politician and the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism. He is a former Member of parliament for Mvita constituency.

 Najib Balala Education Background

He attended Serani Boys primary school for his primary education and later joined Kakamega High for his secondary education. He has a bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Urban Management from the University of Toronto. He also attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard where he did a course in Leadership. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations from the United States International University (USIU).

Najib Balala Political Positions

  1. 2012 : Founder – Republican Congress Party of Kenya
  2. 2007- 2012 : Member of Parliament  for Mvita Constituency
  3. 2002 – 2007 : Member of Parliament  for Mvita Constituency
  4. 2005 : Founder Member – Orange Democratic Movement
  5. 1998 – 1999 : Mayor of Mombasa.

Najib Balala Cabinet / Ministerial Positions:

  1. 2015 – Up to date : Cabinet Secretary for Tourism
  2. May 2013 – 2015 : Cabinet Secretary for Mining  (incl. Chairman of the Mining Governing Council)
  3. 2008 – 2012 : Minister for Tourism  (incl. Chairman, UN World Tourism Organisation)
  4. June 2005 – November 2005 : Minister for Natural Heritage
  5. January 2003 – June 2004 : Minister for Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services
  6. Jnuary 2003 – June 2003 : Acting Minister for Labour

Najib Balala Civil Society Positions:

  1. 2003 – 2012 : Patron, Lamu Culture Festival
  2. 2000 – 2003 : Chairman, Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  3. 1996 – 1999 : Chairman, Mombasa and Coast Tourism Association
  4. 1996 – 1998 : Vice Chairman, Kenya Tourism Board

Najib Balala – Ministerial Career

Honourable Najib Balala has returned from the Ministry of Mining where he was appointed as Kenya’s first Cabinet Secretary in May 2013 with a mandate to deliver the legal framework and transparent processes required to strengthen the Kenyan mining sector and achieve equitable sharing of the country’s mineral benefits between the National Government, County Governments, communities, the people of Kenya and investors alike. Hon Balala delivered the Draft Mining Bill in 2014, the first policy and institutional framework review of Kenya’s mining sector since 1940. During his tenure as Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Balala was elected Chairman of the Southern and Eastern Africa Mining Centre (SEAMIC) Governing Council.

Prior to the institution of Kenya’s new Constitution in 2012, Hon. Balala served simultaneously as Member of Parliament for Mvita Constituency, Mombasa, and as Kenya’s Minister for Tourism from April 2008 to March 2012 where he delivered the Tourism Bill and gave the sector a policy and legal framework geared towards maintaining sustainability. As Tourism Minister, Hon Balala was elected Chairman of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2011 and was voted Best Tourism Minister in Africa in 2009 by Africa Investor (AI).

Hon. Balala is credited with steering Kenya’s tourism sector to recovery following the post-election violence in 2008. He played a significant role in boosting growth and stability in the Kenyan and regional tourism sector, working closely with private and institutional investors and with conservation and regional development agencies to ensure that the economic potential of this vital sector was both prudently and sustainably managed.

During this period, he was honoured with his first appointments to serve in various Ministerial portfolios for the Government of Kenya. He served briefly as Kenya’s Minister for National Heritage from June to November 2005, where he spearheaded the Heritage Bill; Kenya’s Minister for Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services from January 2003 to June 2004, where he spearheaded the Gender Commission Bill; and as Acting Minister of Labour from January to June 2003.

Najib Balala – Membership

  1. Member of Board of Directors  of  Makena Holdings Limited,
  2. Member of Board of Directors  of Twin Leaves Limited
  3. Member of Board of Directors  of Mount Kenya coffee Limited
  4. Member of Board of Directors  of Gulf Express Travel Limited

Najib Balala

Najib Balala – Honours and Awards

  • Silver Star (SS) Medal By President
  • E.G.H (Elder of Golden Heart) Medal By President
  • Africa Investor 2009.
  • Best African Minister for Tourism 2010.
  • Vice-President UNWTO World Tourism Organization
  • Chairman UNWTO World Tourism Organization.

Najib Balala Family

Najib Balala Wife

Najib Balala is married to Naja Balala.

Najib Balala Children

Najib Balala and his wife Naja Balala are blessed with a son Naeem Balala who recently wed.

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Najib Balala News

Najib Balala conquers Mt Kenya in tourism promotion bid


Exhausted Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala broke down into tears moments after he descended from Mt Kenya on Friday where he narrated his humbling experience during the five-day expedition.

Mr Balala said his journey to the top of Mt Kenya, Africa’s second highest, was a life-changing experience though tough and a necessary break from the hectic world.

“I had to complete it. I did this for Kenya which is very good. The most interesting thing is that climbing a mountain is very humbling,” he said.

At around 1pm, in a steady but wobbly gait, the CS and his team emerged from the bushes to the cheerful reception of Tourism ministry officials and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers.

For a moment, the CS was overwhelmed by emotion and broke into tears as he said how the experience at the top reminded him of his late mother.

“When I reached Lenana point, two people came to my mind. The first person is my late mother,” Mr Balala. He was unable to name the second person as he was overwhelmed by emotion.

During the five-day trek to Lenana Peak, the third highest on the mountain, the CS with a team of 11 mountaineers endured heavy rainfall, freezing temperatures and long walks before accomplishing the mission.

Besides being a mission to market Mt Kenya as a favourable tourist destination, the hike was also one of the stages in the Seven Summit Mountain Challenge being conducted by a group of adventurers under Great Migration Camps who aim to be the first to climb seven African mountains back-to-back in seven weeks.

Najib Balala Photo
Najib Balala Photo

Starting at Embori on Monday, Mr Balala and the team of mountaineers used the Timau Trek in their ascent to Lenana Peak, 4,985 metres above sea level.

The Timau Trek is on the northern side of the mountain and is a gentler route especially during the rainy season.

Besides that, the trek gives the impression of climbing a whole mountain range giving a closer interaction with wildlife in the savanna vegetation zone of the mountain.

On the first day, the team walked 9km, 16km on the second day and 5km on the third day.

On Thursday at dawn, the team made an ascent to point Lenana, in time to catch the sunrise over Nelion and Batian peaks.

The team descended Friday, but three professional mountaineers were left behind to reach Batian, the highest peak.

Mr Balala said that on several instances he almost regretted attempting the climb especially because he had not trained prior to the trip but motivation from the President and expectations from Kenyans kept him going.

Kenya Tourism Board with its CEO, Dr Betty Raddier, supported the expedition meant to market Kenya’s as a country with adventure sites.

Source: Daily Nation

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