A Guide To Narok Museum

Narok Museum also known as the Maa Musuem, this is home to exquisite exhibitions of pictures and artifacts to preserve the beauty and strength of the rich traditional culture of the Maa speaking people (i.e. Maasai, Njemps, Samburu). It also houses exceptional ethnographic portraits by Joy Adamson.

The Narok/Maa museum is located in a west-north-west direction 141km from Nairobi at the entrance of Narok town. The museum, opened to the public in 1996, is housed in a building that previously served as a community hall now converted into an office, a collection room and an exhibition gallery.
The pictures and artefacts displayed at the museum serve to preserve the traditional culture of the Maasai and other Maa language speakers i.e. the Samburu of Samburu and Laikipia districts, Njemps of Baringo district and groups of the Ndorobo neighbouring the Maasai of Narok and Kajiado districts.

Narok Museum Contacts

Attraction Type: Culture
Category: Art Gallery, Cultural Museum, Community Tourism
Region: South Rift
City / Town: Narok
Road / Street: Mai-Maimahiu Narok Road
Telephone: +254 20 201 4533
Email: narok@museums.or.ke
Website: http://www.museums.or.ke/content/blogcategory/17/2
Entrance Fee: Yes

Narok Museum
Narok Museum