A Guide To Nasalot National Reserve

Occupying about 9,200 hectares of beautifully rugged land,Nasalot National Reserve is made up of mainly plains, broken up by the impressive Sekess Hills.

What To See At Nasolot National Park

Major attractions include elephant, Lion, leopard, spotted hyena, jackal, hippo, giraffe, impala, Grant and Thompsons gazelle, plains zebra, eland, lesser kudu, bushbuck, duiker, and dik dik.

Nasalot National Reserve
Nasalot National Reserve

Nasalot National Reserve covers an area of 92 sq. km. It is mainly plains broken up by the impressive Sekess Hills, a continuation of the Cherangani ridges. To the north it is bordered by a section of the Turkwel River and the Wei Wei River bounds it to the east.
Nasalot National Reserve has an important eco-system with river valleys and floodplains which support evergreen forests dominated by fig and acacia trees and many types of papyrus and sedges. Game to view includes: elephant, hippo, giraffe, impala, Grant and Thompson’s gazelle, plains zebra, eland, Lesser Kudu, bushbuck, duiker and dik dik and their predators – lion, leopard, spotted hyena and jackal.

There are Olive Baboon and Vervet Monkeys and crocodiles are found in the rivers. There are more than 150 species of birdlife. There is a murram airstrip at the Turkwel hydro-electric dam and two campsites.

 Nasalot National Reserve Contacts

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Category: National Reserve
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direction:North Rift
City / Town:West Pokot
Road / Street:Kapenguria-Lodwar Road
Telephone:+254 20 600 0800
Entrance Fee:Yes