A Guide To Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park the 4.2 square park is on an island, off he northern shore of lake Victoria in Kisumu. Ndere means ‘meeting place’ in Dholuo, the language of the local people.

According to folk lore, Kit Mikayi, the mother of the community, rested near Ndere after a long journey down the Nile valley.

Ndere Island National Park
Ndere Island National Park

Attractions to the park include butterflies, fish eagles, hippos, nile crocodiles and impalas.

The park can be accessed by road or by boat from Kisumu. Kisumu airport -60km away- can also be used to reach the park.

Facts About Ndere Island National Park

Location: Kisumu district of Nyanza

Distance from Nairobi: 432 Km

Size: 4,2 square Km

Climatic conditions: Hot and Humid

Attractions and Wildlife: Ndere Island, game viewing, African Fish eagles, hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles, impalas

Road: Access to the park can be by road or by boat from Kisumu

Air: Kisumu Airport is 60 Km away

Accomodation: Two KWS Campsites

Best time to visit: All year round

Activities: Walking, game viewing

What To See At Ndere Island National Park

  • The vegetation on the island is predominantly grassland; a pure stand of tall grass of the species loudentia natalensis. This grass takes a brown color when flowering; hence the top of the island is brownish (“Chula rabuor” in dholou).
  • The island is interspersed with indigenous tree species and shrubs including dovyalisx, macro calyx, euclea divinorum and Carissa adulis among others.
  • Woodland and forest remnant are found on the lower rim of the island almost as extensive as the bushland.Papyrus reeds are common features along the shoreline.
  • Lake shores inhabitants include hippopotamus, monitor lizard, Nile crocodile, several fish species and snakes especially pythons, puff adder, aardvark, butterflies and vipers are also evident. We also have troops of baboons, monkeys, impalas, the rare sitatunga antelopes, waterbucks, Zebras and warthogs. We have over 100 different species of birds e.g African fish eagle, black headed gonolek,Hamerkop,grey headed kingfisher.


Dotted with walking trails offers beautiful scenery with distant panoramic view of Homa hill on its South; its sister island Magere Island, the Lake Victoria and the imagination of Kampala beyond the south western horizon.

The air and the lake breeze leaves one with a feeling of freshness and buoyancy that you will feel like being on top on top of the world. Many of the Ndere Island visitors go there for scenic viewing, hiking, team building, bird watching, traditional boat rides in the local fishing boats, picnics and generally outdoor fun of being wild.



Ndere’s birds are abundant and colorful; common water birds include: African Fish Eagle, Hammer Kop and Goliath Heron.

At times when insects are breeding within the last three months of the year, one can be amazed by the frivolous activity of dense masses of Swifts, like mosquitoes, swooping and rising as they feed on flight. The diversity of birds both singing and warders is great.


Boat rides using community boats are organized around the island and other areas of visitor’s interest. Other boat rides can be conducted to cover the nearby sister Islands.


This is one of the activities visitors enjoy undertaking while touring the park as it brings them into close contact with the local fishing community. The touch is so thrilling that one gets the true feeling of a local fisherman as they try to compete for the biggest catch near the Island shore line.

Hippos and spotted Crocodiles take cool dives in the sheltered harbors of the Island. If you are lucky you will see both and possibly the monitor lizards that live here alongside the rare semi aquatic antelope’s wadind through the papyrus reeds of the Island shorelines.

Herds of Impalas can be spotted in the predominantly grassy areas of the Island.

How to get to Ndere Island National Park

  • By road from Kisumu city:Take Kisumu- Bondo road branching left after Holo market or left at Kombewa shopping centre to the park headquarters sandwiched between Asat and Bao beach.The park headquarters is 12km away from this tarmac road.
  • By water from Kisumu: It will take about 45min with a speed boat direct from Kisumu city to Ndere island national park.

Ndere Island National Park fees


Adults KSH: 350

Child KSH: 200


Adults KSH: 600

Child KSH: 350

Non – Resident

Adults USD:25

Child USD:15

Ndere Island National Park Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife, Scenery & Landscapes
Category: National Park, Lake or River
Region: Western
City / Town: Bondo
Road / Street: Bondo-Usenge road
Telephone: 254 20 353 0417 254 721 756940
Email: nderenp@kws.go.ke
Website: http://www.kws.org/parks/parks_reserves/NINP.html
Entrance Fee: Yes


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