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NEPAD Kenya Secretariat

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NEPAD Kenya Secretariat: The New Partnership for African Development is a merger of two plans for the economic regeneration of Africa: The Millennium Partnership for the African Recovery Programme (MAP) and the OMEGA Plan for Africa developed. At a summit of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in Sirte, Libya, in 2001, it was agreed that MAP and OMEGA be merged.

NEPAD’s four primary objectives are to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and development, integrate Africa in the world economy and accelerate the empowerment of women. In July 2002, the Durban AU summit supplemented NEPAD with a Declaration on Democracy, Political, Economic and Corporate Governance.

The declaration also commitited participating States to establish an African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to promote adherence to and fulfillment of its commitments.

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The APRM is a mutually agreed instrument voluntarily acceded to by African Union member States as a self-monitoring mechanism. The mandate of the APRM is to encourage conformity in regard to political, economic and corporate governance values, codes and standards. The APR Forum is the Committee of the Heads of State and Government of the participating States. It is the highest decision making body and has the final  say over the whole process.

The APR Panel consists of seven eminent persons of high moral stature and commitment to the ideals of Pan Africanism. They are experts in political governance, macro-economic management, public financial management and corporate governance.

Its composition reflects a regional, gender and cultural balance. The APR Secretariat provides technical and administrative services for the APRM.

It is supervised by the chairperson of the APR Panel. Kenya acceded to the APRM in 2003 alongside Ghana, Rwanda and Mauritius in Abuja, Nigeria. In 2008, 29 countries had signed the MOU on the APRM. The Kenya APRM Country Review Report of 2006 was tabled at the APR Heads of State Forum in  Gambia. President Mwai Kibaki was subjected to review by his peers.

Kenya has subsequently tabled progress reports in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Accra, Ghana, on the implementation of the APRM National Programme of Action.