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Kenya Newspapers: Kenya has more than 100 newspapers and magazines. This includes daily and weekly newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines. Two publishing houses, Nation and Standard media groups, dominate the print media and have the largest market share.

The Daily Nation

The Daily Nation is the most authoritative of all Kenya’s newspapers, providing comprehensive and balanced coverage of Kenyan news. The newspaper is also arguably the most objective, independent, and unbiased in its news coverage. The Nation Media Group, East Africa’s largest media conglomerate, publishes the Daily Nation. You can freely access the Daily Nation online through its website

The Standard Newspaper

The Standard is Kenya’s oldest daily newspaper (founded in 1902) and the second most widely read. It is owned by The Standard Group, which also owns the KTN television station. Like the Daily Nation, The Standard offers very comprehensive news coverage. However, this newspaper is more critical of the government and is perceived as leaning more towards the side of the opposition. You can read The Standard online at

Business Daily

Business Daily, also published by the Nation Media Group, is East Africa’s premier business newspaper, focusing on business news from the East African region. If you are an investor, or would like to explore business opportunities in East Africa, you will find that the Business Daily is the most informative news source.

You can view the Business Daily online at The website receives over 1.5 million hits per day from its growing database of users, ranging from key international investors looking for East African business opportunities to local businesses looking to expand their business in the international arena. The main readers of this online portal are between the ages of 25 and 45, have university education, work in the private sector, reside abroad or in urban areas, and have a deep passion for business, economics, technology, current affairs, culture and entertainment.

Kenya Times

Owned by the former ruling party, KANU, Kenya Times was once the unofficial voice of the Moi government. This Kenyan newspaper used to be one of Kenya’s top three papers, along with Daily Nation and The Standard. However, following the introduction of multiparty politics and the subsequent defeat of KANU in the 2002 elections, Kenya Times lost its stature. Nevertheless, it still offers Kenyans local, regional and international news.

The East African

The East African is a weekly newspaper published by the Nation Media Group. It offers comprehensive coverage of news from across the entire East African region (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). The newspaper also covers a lot of business news and is engineered with the East African community in mind. The East African is available online at

Coast Weekly

This weekly newspaper focuses on tourism and entertainment news, mostly from Kenya’s coast towns of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu, which are also the country’s leading tourist destinations. Coast Weekly’s target readers are tourists and players in the tourism industry. The newspaper is also available online at

The People Daily

The People Daily is owned by veteran politician and businessman Kenneth Matiba. The People Daily commands a very small market share, though it was initially launched to challenge the Daily Nation. It offers mostly Kenyan political news.

The Star

A newcomer to the Kenyan newspaper industry, The Nairobi Star is a full-color, 20 page tabloid modeled after the Sun, published in the UK. The Nairobi Star carries Kenya’s “juicy” news, mostly focusing on gossip about Kenya’s public figures and celebrities. It appeals to a younger audience who may not be interested in mainstream news carried by the other newspapers. The Star is owned by the same company that owns the Classic FM and Kiss 100 FM radio stations.

The Daily Metro

Launched in September 2007, The Daily Metro is the latest addition to the Kenyan newspaper industry. Like the Nairobi Star, it is a medium-sized, full-color newspaper. The Daily Metro features more editorial news than the Star, but in a style designed to be read quickly. The newspaper targets younger readers and those in lower and middle income levels. It sells at a lower price than all of the other papers. The Daily Metro appeals to people looking for a lighter read, and is aimed at younger Kenyan readers who want “easy-to-read” materials.

Kenya Newspapers - Kenyan Newspapers - Newspapers in Kenya
Kenya Newspapers – Kenyan Newspapers – Newspapers in Kenya

List of Online Newspapers  in Kenya

Category: Kenya Newspapers – Kenyan Newspapers – Newspapers in Kenya

An online newspaper, also known as a web newspaper, is a newspaper that exists on the world wide web or internet, either separately or as an online version of the printed version. As more people go online the number of online newspaper in Kenya is projected to increase to capture different readership with different needs.

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