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Ngong Forest

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Ngong Forest is one of the few forests in the world within a city. Only 6km from Nairobi‘s city the forest is a precious resource for the capital city of Kenya. Managed by the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary Trust, it is open to the public. The sanctuary protects conserves and manages an urban forest of more than 500 hectares within the city boundaries. It comprises 538 hectares of forest —80 percent indigenous and the rest exotic eucalyptus plantations within the Ngong Road Forest Reserve.

Ngong Forest

Ngong Forest

It is rich in biodiversity compared to nearby forests and is home to more than 120 bird species, 35 mammals and numerous insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish. The project’s aim is to transform a vulnerable, under-used forest into a secure amenity that not only protects and conserves the valuable resource, but also introduces an exciting venue. The Trust’s overall goal is to protect the forest’s natural environment and to create a self-sustaining and multi-functional reserve, which will serve the social, educational and economic needs of the nearby communities.

With the help of the EU’s Community Development Trust Fund, TTF and other donors, the sanctuary built an educational centre for school children, company meetings and for community conservation education. It will also serve as a resource for disseminating information — through conservation movies in schools, colleges, universities, the local community, visitors and Nairobi residents. It will also offer services to conferences and weddings.



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