Nyeri Museum

A Guide To Nyeri Museum

Nyeri Museum housed in a national monument, was once used as a “Native Law Court.” Its purpose is to showcase customary law cases, previously dealt with by clan elders in the villages. The museum has an exclusive collection of artifacts depicting the life and rich culture of the Gikuyu community.

Nyeri Museum

Nyeri Museum

 It was built in 1924 and started functioning in 1925. Its main objective was to deal with customary law cases, previously dealt with by clan elders in the villages. As these cases increased, one courtroom could not handle the volume and thus another hall was built.

Thus, the cases were divided among the two courts, with court one dealing with civil cases like pregnancy and debtor cases, and court two dealing with criminal cases like theft and murder. The first law court is unique in the sense that the seats are inbuilt and concrete, with those on which the judges used to sit on being slightly raised, giving a sense of authority.

Nyeri Museum Contacts

Attraction Type: Culture
Category: Cultural Museum, Art Gallery, Community Tourism
Region: Mt. Kenya
City / Town: Nyeri
Road / Street: Chania Road
Telephone: +254 721 309576
Email: nyeri@museums.or.ke
Website: http://www.museums.or.ke/content/blogcategory/83/1
Entrance Fee: Yes

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