Online Shopping Kenya – Online shopping in Kenya

The concept of online shopping in Kenya is not foreign as it has been there for the past few year. There has been an increase in online shops trying to capture the few Kenyans able to access internet and buy online.

List of Online Shops in Kenya – Online Shopping Sites in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Online Shops in Kenya;

  14. Maduqa online shops
  18. Nakumatt holdings ltd
  19. Onlineduka kenya
  22. Shopping kenya
  24. Yaya shopping centre
  25. Jumia
  26. Kilimall
  27. Rupu
  28. Mimi
  29. Jumia market
  30. Dakika Online
  31. Bidorbuy
  32. Cheki
  33. Chinabuy
  34. Vitu mob
  35. Air Cargo Global
  36. Mama Mikes
  37. Phonesoko
  38. Ngiko Online
  39. Himall
  40. Kotec
  41. Foodplus
  42. BuyRentKenya
  43. Jumia House
  44. Byhand Product

Tips for safe Online Shopping in Kenya

Source: Soko Directory

Use the best anti-malware program on your computer

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

Make sure you are using the best anti-malware program and its virus signatures are constantly updated. Also, ensure your firewall is on when using a public wireless network and your own wireless network is encrypted with a password to prevent anyone outside from collecting information.

Shop from online merchants with a good reputation

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

Ensure you know the online store’s physical address and you can walk into their office if there is a problem to be sorted.

If you have friends who have purchased from the site before, you can be reassured by their trust too.

If the store is new, or not reputable conduct your own research by looking at the site’s reviews, customer complaints on social media pages also, ask around. If no one knows about it, don’t use it.

Avoid clicking on links from spam emails to make purchases

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

It’s a bad idea to click on an email sent to you from someone you don’t know and shop on its landing page. Ensure you know the retailer’s website and key in the search words for yourself e.g. ,,

Create a unique/strong password for online account

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

You will be required to create an account with the site you intend to purchase from. Make sure the password is strong and unique, passwords like 1234 or those that start with a short form of your name like Ken1234 should be avoided.

Avoid ‘Extremely good offers’

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

If a store offers too good deals like extremely low prices, be suspicious. During mega sales/flash sales, most Ecommerce sites will offer ‘incredible’ discounts but just for limited quantity of products and time.

Also look for discount coupon codes that can significantly lower your purchasing price.

Don’t give too much information

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

After opening an account with an e-commerce company, expect to give the same information in future purchases e.g. telephone number, email address, shipping address, method of payment.

If asked for suspicious information like bank account details, driver’s license numbers, spouse or family information. Run!!!!

Online shopping in Kenya
Online shopping in Kenya

Check the company’s shipping, warranty and return policy

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

Ensure the shipping fee charged is reasonable for the product you buy and the distance. The return and exchange policy should be flexible with a time limit of at least 7 days. Be sure that the warranty policy is sensible and applicable.

Use a reputable method of payment to pay for products

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

Some E-commerce sites will offer cash on delivery payment method within certain geographical location, if you are beyond those regions, use payment methods that provide you proof of payment like Mobile money transfer and Credit cards.

Credit card vs Debit card– a credit card will have a spending limit while your debit card –linked to your bank account does not. If your credit card financial information is stolen, your money at the bank remains untouched- most debit cards do not offer this advantage.

Print or save a copy of your orders

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

It’s advisable to keep a documentation of your online purchases. You will receive a confirmation email with the order number. Print, take a screenshot and save till you receive the product. Follow up if the item is not shipped within 10 days without prior communication.

Download shopping apps created by trusted developers

Category: Online shopping in Kenya

Many of the big online retailers in Kenya have created apps that allow you to shop conveniently and compare prices, read reviews on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure you download the legitimate app and have a mobile anti-malware for viruses and spyware.

Be conscious of import duties and taxes:

Category: Online Shopping in Kenya

Consumers are often caught off-guard when their shipments arrive from international retailers with unexpected additional charges. Always be aware that you may have to pay customs duty for your online purchases, depending on the country that you are buying the goods from.

All shipments transported across international borders must be cleared through Customs, where, depending on the type of goods being shipped, they may also be subject to additional charges. Import duties and taxes differ in each country and are usually calculated as a percentage of the item value.

Regulations/restrictions on certain products:

Category: Online Shopping in Kenya

Some products are prohibited or have certain limitations when imported. These could be aviation restrictions – for example, flammable liquids are categorized as dangerous goods. It’s important to know what restrictions come with each goods to avoid breaking the law by buying them.

Gifts are not necessarily exempted from duties and taxes:

Category: Online Shopping in Kenya

When purchasing online products as a gift, check on the receiving country’s regulations to avoid the recipient being held liable for additional charges. For example, Customs Bureaus in Angola have legislated tax-free exemptions for gifts to an individual as long as the value is less than USD 350. In Zimbabwe, the limit is USD 50. This shows the varying limits for exemptions and demonstrates the importance of checking local regulations prior to making your online purchases.

Check delivery options and costs

Category: Online Shopping in Kenya

Most websites offer a variety of delivery options, with associated costs. Make your decision by taking into account the cost of shipping, the expected transit times and the value of your order. It is advisable to select a premium courier delivery option, where the delivery process can be tracked from dispatch to final delivery.

Use reputable e-retailer websites

Category: Online Shopping in Kenya

Be sure to only make online purchases from websites that are well-known and reputable. Do not be fooled by websites with offers that may look enticing if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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