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Orange Kenya Internet Bundles, Data and Modem Settings

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Orange Kenya Internet Bundles: At Orange Kenya, we know that different people have different internet / data needs depending on their lifestyle and budget. This is why we have prepared a selection of affordable mobile data bundles, giving you a selection of internet on mobile offers to choose from based on your needs.

Why Choose Orange Kenya Internet Bundles?

With Orange Kenya Internet Bundles, you get Faster Internet with 3G speeds of up to 21Mbps on a wireless connection.
Orange gives you lower costs for your data usage.

The Orange Kenya Internet Bundles on Mobile offer allows you to enjoy the following mobile phone data bundles on pay as you go:

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Orange Kenya Internet Bundles Prices

Data Bundle – Bundle Cost – Validity period

  • 20MB – Ksh. 20  – 7days
  • 50MB  – Ksh. 50 – 30days
  • 100MB – Ksh.100 – 30days
  • 500MB – Ksh. 500 – 30days
  • 1GB – Ksh. 750 – 30days
  • 5GB – Ksh. 2,750 – 30days
  1. Daily Unlimited Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Ksh. 50 1 day
  2. Weekly Unlimited Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Ksh. 249 7 days
  3. Monthly Unlimited Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Ksh. 990 30 days

Subscribers can choose their preferred offer by dialing #123#, select option 3 for bundles and following the commands.

Alternatively, you can use the following shortcut Orange short-codes:

Data Bundle – Bundle Cost

  • 50MB *123*350#
  • 100MB *123*3100#
  • 500MB *123*3500#
  • 1GB *123*31000#

A confirmation on your subscription to your preferred Mobile internet bundle will be sent

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles Prepaid Mobile Data

(Terms & Conditions)

This offer will give new and existing Orange Mobile pre-paid customers a variety of bundles.

The bundles on this offer will be grouped as follows:

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Data

  1. Data bundles
  2. Pay as you go

The offers will be available to Orange Mobile pre-paid customers.

A customer will subscribe to the offers by dialing #123#. This short code will open up to a USSD menu that will have various options for various bundle purchases and un-subscription to the bundle.
All subscription and un-subscription commands will have a short cut USSD string to access the specific offer.

If a customer purchases various volume bundles, these bundles will accumulate but the validity of the accumulated volume bundles will take up the validity of the last purchased volume bundle.

1. Conditions of offer subscription for Orange Kenya Internet Bundles

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Subscription

  1. The customer must have an active Orange Mobile pre paid line.
  2. Customer must have sufficient airtime in their main account to subscribe for their selected bundle option.
  3. A customer should use the provided subscription option. Customer care can subscribe a customer who requests the option as long as they have sufficient airtime.
  4. Subscription will be via the USSD #123# and the shortcut USSD strings to be provided.
  5. If a customer purchases various IEW volume bundles, these bundles will accumulate but the validity of the accumulated IEW volume bundles will take up the validity of the last purchased IEW volume bundle.

2. Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Terms and Conditions

  1. To subscribe for the offers, the customer’s line will need to be active (as per the current customer lifecycle).
  2. A subscriber will be able to subscribe using credit from pin based and pin less top up e.g. Orange money.
  3. The customer will not be charged for any failed purchases.
  4. Bonus Airtime cannot be used to subscribe to bundle offers.
  5. Rates include all applicable taxes.
  6. Billing for data is in 10 KB stepping and rounded upwards.
  7. A subscriber on other offers dissimilar to these offers will be able to subscribe to this offer, unless there is a stated conflict of the offers.
  8. Bundle content is non-transferable.
  9. These terms and conditions are in addition to the Orange Mobile pre-paid terms and conditions and General Terms and conditions for Orange Data Services.

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Notifications

The following notifications will be sent instantly to bundle customers upon subscription or renewal:

  1. Notification upon successful or unsuccessful subscription via USSD.
  2. Error notifications – via USSD and SMS depending on the notification.
  3. If the customer does not have sufficient airtime at the time of subscription, they will receive a notification.
  4. Notification when bundle has expired and 3 days after, if the customer does not subscribe to any offer after.

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles- Balance Check

A customer will be able to check their bundle balance and validity via the following methods:

  • Dial *131#
  • Send and sms with 131 to 131
  • As an option on #123# under “My Account option”

Conditions after termination, expiry and exhaustion of Orange Kenya internet bundles content

All chargeable activity not included in the bundle or after bundle exhaustion will be as per the standard pre-paid Orange Mobile pay-as-you-go rates.

After bundle validity expiry, the customer will resume to the standard pre-paid pay as you go rates. If the customer had any Mb left, this can be accessed by buying any other bundle within 30 days after the initial bundle validity expiry.

Orange Kenya Internet Bundles – Video