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Oribi Antelope in Kenya

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Oribi Antelope in Kenya Description

Not unlike a duiker in appearance, the small Oribi Antelope is relatively uncommon and your best chance of spotting one is in the Masai Mara reserve.

The oribi’s most distinguishing mark, although you’ll need binoculars to spot it, is a circular batch of naked black skin below the ear — it is actually a scent gland. Another useful indicator is the tuft of black hair on the tip of the short tail. Otherwise the Oribi is a uniform golden brown with white on the belly and insides of the legs. Short straight horns about 10 cm in length are found on the males only.

Oribi usually graze in grassy plains with good shelter. If water is available they will drink willingly but can also go without it entirely. When alarmed they bolt and then make bouncing jumps with a curious action — all four legs are kept completely stiff. It is thought this helps them to orient themselves in places with poor visibility. After 100m or so they stop and assess the danger.

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Oribi are usually found in pairs and are territorial. Sexual maturity is reached at around one year, and the females bear one calf twice a year. Being quite small, the oribi have many predators, including the larger cats.

Oribi Antelope in Kenya – Photo

Oribi Antelope in Kenya

Oribi Antelope in Kenya – Video