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Oryx Antelope in Kenya

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Oryx Antelope in Kenya Description

The fringe-eared or Kilimanjaro oryx (Oryx gazelle callotis) is found in Kenya’s Amboseli and Tsavo national parks and is a large antelope standing around 120 cm at the shoulder.

The coat is a sandy fawn with a black spinal stripe which extends to the tip of the tail. The underparts are white and separated from the lower flanks by another black stripe. There are also two black rings just above the knee of the forelegs.

The related galla oryx (Oryx gazella gallarum) is reddish-grey and is most commonly seen in the Marsabit reserve and along the Tana River. (Note that the oryx species name may also be referred to as beisa.)

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Both types of oryx have ovate, pointed ears with the main distinguishing feature being, as the name suggests, a tuft of black hair on the ears of the fringe-eared one. Oryx are easy to distinguish from other antelopes due to their straight, very long and heavily ridged horns which are carried almost parallel. Both the males and females have horns. These horns come into their own when the animal is forced to defend itself. Held down between the forelegs, they are formidable weapons and used to impale an enemy.

Oryx are principally grazers but will also browse on thorny shrubs. They are capable of doing without water for long periods but will drink daily if it is available. Herds vary from five to 40 individuals and sometimes more though the bulls are usually solitary. Oryx are often found in association with zebra and Grant’s gazelle.

Oryx Antelope in Kenya – Photo

Oryx Antelope in Kenya