A Guide To The Oserian Farms

Oserian is a Maasai word meaning place of peace. Oserian Farms is hosted by the ancient gash in the earths surface called the Rift Valley. The rich soil around Naivasha where its located provides one of the reasons why this is to date, Kenyas largest horticultural farm.

Lake Naivasha is an astonishingly beautiful lake – “the best fresh water lake in the world for birds,” according to the late Roger Tory Peterson famed, American ornithologist – and the various people’s lives which interwove at a spot there named by the Maasai, Oserian meaning “Place of Peace”.

The possibilities yielded by this rich, fertile land brought about the birth of Oserian flowers. It begun as a family owned vegetable growing farm in 1969, with a 5 hectare production area and 6 employees. It gradually evolved into the first cut flower production farm in 1982, under the skillful hands of Hans Zwager, his wife, and son Peter.
Hans is a Dutchman from the Netherlands, who fought in WWII as a marine. He later became a bank employee, met his wife in Kenya and settled in Oserian, Lake Naivasha.

He established an agrochemical business wOserian Farmshich attracted major players in the field seeking to incorporate his company into their enterprise. This led him to sell the business to Bayer Ltd, being inspired to venture towards a more entrepreneurial direction with his son. They decided to evolve their Oserian farm, from the small, family vegetable farm that it was into the largest flower farm of its kind in Kenya, and after 30 years of hard work and dedication, they are still breaking new ground and revolutionising the industry.
Sharing the same passion and drive as his father, Peter Zwager took to the industry under his guidance, and as a family they have successfully moulded Oserian in size and technology, evolving to encompass eco-friendly systems and processes while increasing in productivity and quality.

As the flower growing industry in Kenya continued to flourish and develop beyond all expectations, Oserian was opening doors and they now stand at the forefront of the industry as a leading force and the largest multi – crop flower farm in Kenya.

Oserian Farms Contacts

Attraction Type: Special Interest
Category: Farm and Plantation
Region: South Rift
City / Town: Naivasha
Road / Street: Moi South Road
Telephone: 254 50 203 0210
254 727 534550
Website: http://www.oserian.com/aboutus.html
Entrance Fee: No

Oserian Farms