Pastor Wahome Biography

Pastor Wahome is known for his shiny white suits, even along court corridors where Bishop Wahome has been fighting his ex-wife, Leah Mueni who demands that he should pay child support for their three children, despite Bishop Wahome also demanding a DNA test to prove their paternity. He also carries a Bible but has a licensed gun hid on his side.

The wife was demanding Sh300,000 but Bishop Wahome – of Helicopter Church Ministries – was willing to part with Sh5,000 as monthly upkeep for her and the children.

Wahome, whose sermons are aired on local TV stations, denies earning Sh500,000 as salary as Meuni claimed. Bishop Wahome once accused Mueni of retaining and refusing to hand over a Mercedes Benz he used to hire out for private functions at Sh15,000 a month to supplement his income.

Mueni, a customs shop attendant at JKIA, says Wahome earns millions in church tithe.

Pastor Wahome Scandal

Thomas Wahome, is in another scandal involving two of his long serving church members whom he chased away over money.According to one of the victims, a Mr David Ekanyi, the scandalous pastor had sent them to buy some groceries worth Ksh 7,000 but the seller gave them a discount.  They ended up pocketing Ksh 200 not knowing that more trouble was in the pipeline.

“Pastor Wahome sent us to buy groceries valued at Sh7,000 but we got a discount and decided to share the money that amounted to Ksh 200. This would see us chased away,” said Mr Ekanyi, who has been a member of the church since 2010.David regrets having voluntarily served in Pastor Wahome’s church just to end up being treated like garbage. He now demands to be paid for the services rendered for the four years or else file a case in court.
“I want to be paid Ksh 662,000 as a compensation for the years I volunteered in Pastor Thomas Wahome’s church.” He said.His counterpart, Mr Mwangi, who was also chased away said that the controversial pastor has been oppressing his church workers and made them his own slaves. Anyone who questions him is fired instantly and given hours to vacate the church premises or else get a dog’s beating.
However, when Pastor Wahome was reached to comment on the issue by a local publication, he said that the two expelled church members were evil and extortionists.