Paul Mwai Biography

Paul Mwai is one of the most sought after gospel musicians in the country. He is young, very talented and comfortable serving the Lord without seeking fame. Paul Mwai has such a huge impact on the old, the young and the children alike. His music is a favourite to many, which has given him a big name in the gospel circles.

Paul Mwai is a worshiper.He come from a very humble family of 7 children as the 4th child.He always had a passion for singing from a very tender age. Paul Mwai started composing his own music when was still young and would perform in church. People always wondered whose songs he was presenting but he made sure that no one knew they were his own compositions. He had no confidence in myself and I was afraid of being judged negatively.

Paul Mwai
Paul Mwai

Growing up, he knew nothing but poverty, lack and rejection. His father was attacked by his family members in a land dispute that left him almost dead and  he has never recovered from brain damage. My mother struggled to bring us up the best way she could. Going without meals for several days was the order of the day;they had no shoes growing up. Schooling was a luxury.  God opened a way for him when his cousin took him in and enrolled him in a school. It is not that she had enough, because he would still be sent home for fees, but she tried her best to keep him in school.

Paul Mwai Education

When time came to attend high school Paul Mwai was enrolled to form one at Njiris but there was no money. By God’s grace we got some little money enough to help him join but the fees balance was always so high for the 2 years he was there, until he transferred to another school and the balance was cancelled. It was while in form 1 that he recorded his 1st album, WAUZIMA, and his 2nd album, RACE, in form 2. The albums did not do well because of poor quality, so he only used to sell my music to students. This would help me raise his school fees. It was very challenging but God’s grace remained sufficient for him.

Paul Mwai Latest Album

While in form 3 he recorded his 3rd album, NDIGATIGA KUGA. It also did not do as well but today it his  favorite to many. He went ahead and also recorded the 4th album RACING UP, then the 5th, AM IN LOVE, and the recently released 6th album, THROUGH IT ALL.

God blessed him with a very good manager, Joel, who encouraged him all along and held my hands up whenever he felt like he could not take another step. Together they have come from far, from hawking CDs in matatus to now being a celebrated worship minister.

God has a way of surprising us, and He has a very good sense of humour. Paul Mwai  was nominated for several awards ,they did not even campaign for votes from fans, but by the grace of God, he took home the Groove award trophy for the best worship song of the year (am in the race), and the best worship album (race). He also  scooped in the Kigoocho Praise Awards, the best worship album of the year.Every true worshipper has a desire in them to help others become worshipers too. He is in a team of young men and women who truly love God. It is an interdenominational group of youths from different churches, and they usually meet weekly for Bible study, keshas, and fellowships. They also go for high school and college outreach missions. The  team that is always behind the scenes whenever I have an event. Some of them are recording and performing musicians in their own rights, some are doctors, others are authors, and others are talented in different fields.

Paul Mwai Songs

Together with this team, they have officially launched RACING UP WORSHIP MINISTRY. Their aim is to worship the Lord and worship Him more. They  hold meetings once every month on a Sunday afternoon and inviting people to come and join them in an afternoon of uninterrupted worship, and there are also teachings on what true worship is all about, because this is the hour that the Lord is seeking true worshippers who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

Worship draws him closer to God, and he can never substitute that for fame or for money. He does that very personal, it’s not just about singing; for him, worship is a lifestyle. Worship is not an event affair as some have made it; it is a daily experience for him. It is an encounter with  God. Fame or no fame, he was created to worship Him, and nothing will detour him from His will.

God is the author and the finisher of his faith. Looking back where he has come from, he can testify that His promises are yes and amen. His music is dedicated to glorifying Him and Him alone. His song NDIGATIGA KUGA was composed after he narrowly escaped a road accident that left many seriously injured. He sing from experience, he sing from what God has done for him. Before he can release an album, most of the times he has had to go through a wilderness, where only God can sustain him, and it is in those wilderness seasons that he write his songs. That is why in almost all his songs.

Paul Mwai Songs

  3. Ndigatiga
  4. Gicuri
  5. Umatho
  11. IHOYA
  12. Im in the race
  13. Tinii Nduraga
  14. Remember
  15. Akorwo Niwe
  16. Gutiri

Paul Mwai Wife

Paul Mwai is married to Beth.

Paul Mwai’s Wedding

Paul Mwai married Beth in the year 2011 and the reception was at Jockey club Nairobi

Paul Mwai Latest Song

This is a video of paul Mwai latest song in the year 2014. It was released in December 13. It is in an album together with other songs: Yule Yule, Thank You, Natamani, Gutiri and Dhamana. The album title is “Only You Jesus’.