Philip Sulumeti Biography

Philip Sulumeti was born on 15th August 1937 in Teso district. He is was a kenyan bishop who retired on 5th December 2014. He was a bishop heading Kakamega county.

Philip Sulumeti Education Background

He attended from 1952 to 1958, the Catholic school for the new priests, the Saint Peters’s Seminary in Mukumu , a small patch near the provincial capital Kakamega. For the study of philosophy (1959-1960) and theology (1961-1965) went to Uganda Sulumeti to the St. Mary’s Seminary Ggaba .

Philip Sulumeti Career

He was ordained as a priest of Kisumu on 6th January 1966.From September 1967 he studied Canon Law at the Collegio San Pietro Apostolo in Rome and was established in December 1970 at the Pontifical Urban University with a dissertation on the topic Mission Church in Kenya in the light of the II. Vatican to Dr. iur. Can. During this time, he learned the German language in Germany and occasionally served as an auxiliary speaker. After returning to Kenya, he was in 1971 diocesan secretary and second vicar general for Bishop de Reeper in Kisumu.

On 28th May 1972 he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Kisumu. On 28th February 1978 he was appointed  Bishop of Kakamega.

In 2006, he was elected Deputy Chairman of the Kenyan Bishops’ Conference (KEC) in 2006.

He resigned on 5th December 2014 after he reached the resignation age.

Philip Sulumeti Civil work

President Mwai Kibaki appointed him in 2004 and 2006 as Senator of the new Masinde Muliro University of Kakamega.

As a bishop, Sulumeti has been heavily involved in the country’s democratization process and was a member of the KENYA REVIEW COMMISSION, which took place in two squares and roundtables in the Kenyan capital, the “Safari Park Talks” (Nobel Hotel) and the “Bomas of Kenya” Large hall of the People’s Court), a new constitution was drafted.

In the conflict between the two political camps in the country, he was elected chairman of the so-called “Consensus Building Committee” and presented an important mediating report (Sulumeti Report). The new constitution was voted in November 2005 in a referendum. The so-called Boma-draft had been changed by the government to the Wako-draft and this lost its fight for the constitution.

After the unrest caused by the electoral manipulation in December 2007 with 1,200 deaths and 350,000 refugees in the country, Bishop Philip Sulumeti spoke with other church representatives in March 2008 in front of the parliament in Nairobi, asking the 200 parliamentarians to ensure that the Do not break the land.

Philip Sulumeti Contacts

Address: Bishop’s Office
P.O. Box 150 – 50100 Kakamega,
Tel: 254-056-31308

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Philip Sulumeti
Philip Sulumeti