Prezzo a.k.a CMB Biograghy

Prezzo (also known as CMB Prezzo) whose real name is Jackson Ngechu Makini was born in 1990 in Nairobi. He is a Kenyan hip hop musician and an actor of kenya reality show ‘Nairobi Diaries’. He also appeared on the seventh season of the reality competition television series Big Brother Africa, in 2012.

Prezzo a.k.a CMB Music Career


His debut album “Naleta Action” was released in 2004 and included tracks like Naleta Action, Let’s Get Down, Mahangaiko, Leo ni Leo, Mimi na Wewe and Mafans, among others. This album also featured his own mother – who sang a few lines in one of the songs.

Prezzo was widely accepted in East Africa and his popularity heightened by his flossing antics. He is well known for his flashy lifestyle consisting of expensive jewellery, lavish clothing, flashy cars among an array of other fine things.

Prezzo featured in a love ballad with his then girlfriend titled “Tazama Mbele” produced by Ennovator, the producer behind Samawati productions. The video directed by Ted Josiah was a hit and went straight to the top of the East African TV chart and held for over eight weeks.
Musician Prezzo was inspired to enter Big Brother Star Game because he sees it as a great challenge. He says he is looking forward to being on Africa’s TV screens 24/7 because he loves attention.

He hasn’t really seen much of previous seasons of the show and says that if he wins the grand prize, he’ll “cross that bridge when we get to it”.

He says he hardly watches any TV but enjoys movies like Scarface on the big screen, listing Al Pacino and Mos Def as his top actors. He’ll eat just about anything – except pork – and his favourite book is 48 Laws of Power.

His favourite place in Kenya is Nairobi and doesn’t have a favourite place outside of Kenya: “East, West, home is best”, he says. His role model is Barack Obama because he believed in himself and made the impossible, possible.

He is hugely influenced by his mom because he understands that it’s not easy to be a single parent. The achievement he’s most proud of is his musical career, because of the heights he has attained.

Describing himself as cool, calm and collected, Prezzo says his favorite quality is his ability to entertain people around him. He says that respect is the most important trait in another person and says that viewers should expect the unexpected from him.

Girlfriend and Wife

He is engaged to Yvonne Oyola.

He was married to Daisy Jematia Kiplagat,they solemnised their marriage on December 2008 at Karen Country Lodge.

His wife Daisy Jematia Kiplagat filed for divorce in May 2012 accusing Prezzo of committing adultery and physical abuse on her but Prezzo did not defend it. The High Court Judge Luka Kimaru granted Daisy’s application and ordered Prezzo to pay a monthly upkeep of Sh50,000 for their baby born in March 2009. They had separated since November 2011.

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