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Privatization Commission in Kenya

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Kenya also offers various other investment opportunities through its Privatization Programme. The Programme, which comprises of a set of approved transactions to which new transactions can be added or old ones removed upon approval by the Cabinet currently has 26 investments at various preparatory and approval stages.

These investments, whose specific preparatory and approval status can be downloaded from the Commission’s website ( can be placed in various categories as follows:
1.  Infrastructure:
Kenya Electricity Generating Company; Kenya Pipeline Company; Isolated Power stations; and Kenya Ports Authority (privatization of the Eldoret Inland Container Terminal, outsourcing of stevedoring services and development of Berths No. 11-14in Mombasa).
2.  Tourism Sector:
Public Sector investments in hotels through the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC) which include: Kabarnet Hotel; Mt. Elgon Hotel; Kakamega Golf Hotel Limited; Sunset Hotel Limited; Kenya Safaris and Lodges and Hotels Ltd. (KTDC- 63.44%) and various KTDCAssociated Companies.
3. FinancialSector:
National Bank of Kenya Limited; Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited and the Development Bank of Kenya Limited.
4. Manufacturing and processing:
Chemelil Sugar Company Ltd; South Nyanza Sugar Company Ltd; Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd; and Muhoroni and Miwani Companies that are currently under receivership; Agrochemical and Food Corporation Ltd; Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd; East African Portland Cement Company Ltd; Kenya Meat Commission; the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries and Numerical Machining Complex.

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