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Pyramid Island

A Guide To Pyramid Island

Pyramid Island is the most westerly island on Lake Victoria on the lake side of Kenya and marks the boundary between Kenya and Uganda. Lying side by side with Migingo and Usingo Islands, pyramid island is the largest of the three and together with Usingo are extremely steep and uninhabitable.

Pyramid Island is a Kenyan island whose westerly most point is used to demarcate the border between Kenya and Uganda just north of the 1st degree south parallel in Lake Victoria. There are other two adjacent islands, Migingo Island and Usingo Island. Pyramid and Usingo are steep and uninhabitable(The New Vision of 21 April 2009). The Kenya – Uganda border was delineated by order of the Kenya Colony and Protectorate (Boundaries Order in Council 1926.

Pyramid Island

Pyramid Island

The other islands associated with the boundary of Uganda and Kenya in Lake Victoria include Sumba, Mageta, Kiringiti, and Ilemba Islands (Whitehouse, R.N. and C.S. Hunter, 1955). The documents above state that the boundary of Uganda runs from the mouth of River Sio in a straight line south-westerly to the most northerly point of Sumba Island. It continues by the western and south-western shores of the island to its most southerly point before following a straight line south-easterly to the most westerly point of Mageta Island. From there it follows a straight line southerly to the most western point of Kiringiti Island, thence follows a straight line southerly to the most western point of Ilemba Island before following a straight line southerly again to the westernmost point of Pyramid Island and continuing in a straight line due south to a point on Latitude 1 south. (Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995).

Pyramid Island Contacts

Category: Lake or River, Educational Tourism
Region: Western
City / Town: Muhuru Bay
Road / Street: Muhuru Migori Road
Telephone: 254 719 256207
254 725 624489
254 735 825383
Entrance Fee: No


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