A Guide To Rahole National Reserve

Rahole National Reserve  is a vast stretch of thorny bushland. The National Reserve offers great opportunity for tourists to view hippos, elephants, Beisa oryx, Grevys zebra, crocodiles, and variety of bird species.

Rahole National Reserve
Rahole National Reserve

Facts About Rahole National Reserve

Altitude 1,000 – 3,400ft.
Area 870 sq. kms.
Distance from Nairobi 348 kms.
Opened April 1968
Beautiful Landscape, 13 Rivers
Former Home of George & Joy
Adamson & “Elsa” the lioness
Game viewing: Elephant, Hippo,
Lion, Leopard, Cheetah
Campers Paradise
Excellent views of Mount Kenya

Situated to the northeast of Kora National Park, this reserve is an enormous stretch of dry thorny bushland in the Garissa district of Northeastern Province about 150 km northeast of Mount Kenya. It is home to elephant, Grevy’s zebra and beisa oryx. The reserve is located on the north bank of the Tana River at the western extreme of North Eastern Province. The reserve is a vast expanse of unspoiled wilderness, accessible only by 4WD vehicles, as tracks are few and far between in the park. Even where tracks do exist, they are extremely rough and in generally poor condition. Rahole, like neigbouring Kora National Reserve to the south and Bisanadi and North Kitui reserves further west, serve as protective areas for migrating animals from Meru National Park. The closest approaches to the reserve are at the south, near the Tana River. One track leads north-west from Garissa to the village of Mbalambala on the Tana near the eastern edges of both Kora National Park and Rahole. From Mbalambala, there is a road heading north into the eastern section of Rahole. Alternatively, there are tracks leading to the western sections of the reserve from the town of Garba Tula off the main IsioloWajir road (B9). Again, if you want to arrange a visit, you will have to ask for a permit at Kenya Wildlife Service

Rahole National Reserve Contacts

Attraction Type: Wildlife
Category: Game Reserve
Region: Northern
City / Town: Garissa
Road / Street: Garissa-Rahole Road
Telephone: +254 20 600 0800 254 20 600 2345 254 20 237 9407
Website: http:/www.kws.org/parks/parks_reserves/RANR.html
Entrance Fee: Yes