Renee Ngamau Biography

Renee Ngamau is a radio talk show host at Capital FM,Life Skills Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Strategic Intervention Practitioner.

Renee Ngamau Education Background

1997-2000: Graduate student at the University of London, Masters in Law, Banking and Finance

1990-1996: Undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi, Bachelors Degree in Law

Renee Ngamau Job History

April 2015 – Present: Television Host, “Digital TV Focus with Renee”, Capital FM Kenya

October 2012 – Present: Radio Talk Show Host,Capital FM Kenya

July 2007 – Present: Life Skills Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Strategic Intervention Practitioner,Jinaki Unlimited

Renee Ngamau Membership

Starting 2013: Vice Chair, International Coach Federation of Kenya

Starting 2013: Association Member of International Coach Federation

Starting March 2013: Member, Association of Integrated Psychology

Renee Ngamau Sickness

She was working in London in a law firm when one day she woke up and blacked out and she was not sick before. A scan was done on her and she had a brain tumour and the doctor told her that it would continue growing and he would die in five years time and that the condition was degenerative and she would get sicker as the disease progressed.

She sought a second opinion and she was given the same prognosis. She decided to seek a third opinion from a doctor in the US who was so highly-sought-after that his schedule was booked months in advance. The doctor gave the same prognosis.

She attended a support group but at that time she didn’t know it was a support group since she had been invited by a friend and she was asked to narrate her story and after final statement everyone was silent but one person broke the silence and said that he wished he had her problems.She told her that she was going to die anyway so she should get over it.He told her that the most important thing was what she was going to do between then and the time of her death. The reaction of that guy changed her perspective of life.

She decided to leave a legacy, due to her condition she was told that she cannot carry a baby to term, prior to her diagnosis she had had several miscarriages. She conceived and when she was given a date for caesarian she wrote letters for her baby to read in case she didn’t make it. She made it and even decided to have another child and continued with naturopathic form of treatment which is meditation, exercise, eating healthy and zero tolerance for stress.She went on to live past the five years the doctors had predicted and the growth eventually disappeared.


She is married and blessed with two children.

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