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The Great Rift Valley Kenya

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The Great Rift Valley Kenya

The Great Rift Valley Kenya: The Great Rift Valley covers over 8,700 Kms. (5,400 miles) running from Jordan Valley in the Middle East and taking in the whole of the Red Sea before cutting through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and finally reaching the Indian Ocean at Beira near the Zambezi River. The Great Rift Valley Kenya is much more defined in Kenya than anywhere else.

The Great Rift Valley Kenya – Gregorian Rift

That section of the The Great Rift Valley Kenya in Kenya, also known as the “Gregorian Rift” after J. W. Gregory, the Great geologist who first described it, is dotted with recent volcanoes like Mt. Longonot (still partially active), Suswa, Ebum, Menengai, Londiani, Kakorinyo, Central and Northern Islands in Lake Turkana. It also contains seven lakes all of which have no outlets. These are Lake Turkana (The Jade Sea), Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru, Elementaita, Naivasha and Lake Magadi.

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When it rains on the The Great Rift Valley Kenya escarpments and on the surrounding highlands, water runs down rivers and streams to the lake basins. The high rate of evaporation is the only major way through which water escapes from the lakes. The evaporation leaves behind a large accumulation of salts and minerals in the lakes.

This makes all but two of the lake Naivasha and lake Baringo contain high alkaline contents, a factor that makes the highly alkaline soils in and around the lakes turn bones and ivory into fossils. The fossilization process over the years has made Rift Valley in the country preserve remains of ancient animals and human beings into the form of fossils; thus affording us important information of the ancient past.

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