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Rosy Ohon Biography, Songs, Facebook and Family

Rosy Ohon Biography

Rosy Ohon was born on November 9, 1979, in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a Gospel Music Performing and recording artist.She has a family of public figures as after the husband theirs children.

Joy Maranatha (Citizen Tv Machachari actress, Almasi’s Sister), Imani Hadassah (Oreo advert) and Hope Danielle have all graced our screens at one point or another. Donald, is a household name as Musa Faulu in the Faulu Kenya advertisements and Rose has a wide ministry in the gospel music arena.

Rosy Ohon Songs

  • He has given me
  • Eshe Baba
  • He has given me
  • Nibariki

Rosy Ohon on rape

Rosy Ohon took to creating awareness on rape and she did so in a song. The song incorporates kids with placards titled ‘160 girls and me’ and is a self-drive from a case of 160 girls between the ages of 3 and 17 who sued the government of Kenya for failing to protect them from rape. The girls were supported by a charitable initiative known as the 160 Girls Project.

Rosy Ohon Daughters accident

Her 2 year old daughter Zoe Love Ohon was knocked down by a Toyota Rav 4,thrown and the same car running her over. She was in the ICU for 4 days, her left lung was punctured colapsed and had been pushed way further to the right.

Below is a facebook post written by her husband Donald Ohon.

“I thank the Almighty God for how His protection and healing is upon my Daughter Zoe Love Ohon. I have seen God in a big way! All the glory to Him. For my 2 year old Daughter to be knocked down by a Toyota Rav 4, thrown and the same car running her over only takes the hand of God for her to be alive today! It is a big joy for me having seen her today evening singing and engaging with friends and family and yet just 4 days ago she was in the ICU and her left lung was puctured,colapsed and had been pushed way further to the right. The Doctors are even amazed at how fast she is recovering.While in a lot of pain two days ago, my Daughter Zoe Love told her Mum to pray for her. Its amazing how such a small child can recognise the power of prayer and Jesus Christ! Brethren, Jesus Christ is real & He is coming soon! Just make things right with Him! I appreciate all our Friends, Brethren including the Purpose Center Church & Family members for standing with us in prayers. May God bless you ALL big time! I also appreciate the Amref Flying Doctors and Nairobi Hospital Doctors & Team for the committment and support they have given us so far and not forgetting the Taxi Driver Bentot whom together we had to break the traffic rules on Langata road by driving the opposite side of the road so as to catch up with the Amref Ambulance. To God be all the Glory!”

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Rosy Ohon Family

She got married to Donald Ohon “Musa Faulu”  on 23rd February 2001.

They are blessed with 5 children: Hope Danielle, Joy Maranatha,Imani Hadassah


Rosy Ohon Facebook


Rosy Ohon Photo

Rosy Ohon Photo

Rosy Ohon Photo

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