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Royal Media Services is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to media in Kenya. The giant media house that operates from the Capital Nairobi has moved from strength to strength in commanding a huge audience of its brands. The Royal Media Services Ltd has employed well over 700 permanent employees and equal number of temporary employees.

Royal Media Services Ltd is an umbrella of fourteen radio stations that cover different groups of the diverse Kenyan communities; two broadcasting in national languages while the rest are vernacular. Royal Media Services Ltd also owns Citizen Television- the channel that has grown to be the country’s most popular in terms of audience preference commanding an unassailable 52% of television audience (Steadman Synnovate Report 2013).

Radio Citizen remains Kenya’s biggest radio by audience base due to its rich blend of music, programming as well as the personalities running the shows. Available on 106.7 FM in Nairobi, the station presents its programming in simple Kenyan Swahili understandable to all and sundry in the towns as well as the villages.

Radio Citizen was among the very first FM stations that offered an alternative to state media in the late 90s. The station’s daily programming is fashioned to meet the taste of its audience that varies from the youth, adults, students, farmers, partygoers to up-market urban people.

It starts with Jambo Kenya a breakfast show that informatively entertains to brighten the morning of its audience. Following is Chapa Kazi that interacts with people who share their experience at their working places. In the afternoon is the popular youth show Mambo Mseto hosted by the award winning Mzazi Tuva.

The listener then gets to go home in style with the rib cracking Drive On show hosted by Tina Ogal and comedian Abdi. You deserve a rest after an exhausting day so Kamau Munywa will massage your body with relaxing music and talk on Good Evening Kenya! On the weekends you get to relish the past with great music of vijana wa jana with veteran Uncle Obachi Machoka on Roga Roga!

Another brand of Royal Media Services Ltd is Hot96 that broadcasts in English with a rather youthful audience. It has shows that appeal to various groups of the youthful divide ranging from the Hot Breakfast wich is an all inclusive show to Inuuka which is a funky gospel show.

Royal Media Services Ltd is the yardstick with which vernacular broadcast is measured in Kenya. With the background knowledge that a big chunk of the Kenyan consumers of media does not fluently converse in English or Swahili, Royal Media Services Ltd has devised a way to reach this group of people through vernacular media.

Inooro FM broadcasts in Kikuyu language and enjoys a big audience among its target listeners. The station will be celebrates its 10 years of entertaining and informing its people in 2013. If it’s not passed through Ramogi FM, the Luo speakers of Kenya will not be sure an event took place. A radio that listens to its people is the radio of the people and Ramogi is that radio of its people! Muuga FM captures all the imagination of the Ameru community as it tackles the real issues in the area. Wimwaro FM cuts its niche around the Embu community.

Musyi FM is truly Thome wa Mukamba, the home of the Kamba tribe as a typical Kamba is not satisfied with music and information if it doesn’t come from the station. Bahari FM talks to a Coastal audience in a deep Coastal Swahili different from the regular Swahili dialect used on Radio Citizen.

The Kalenjin in Rift Valley hold Chamgei FM in high esteem and stay loyal to the station for all their media needs. Radio Maa is the newest station on the block whose audience is the Maasai communities most prominently the Maasai tribe. The Abagusii in Western Kenya only know Egesa FM as the station that understands their entertainment needs.

If the Abaluhya don’t listen to radio, how then would they coexist? This is probably the community that listens to radio more than any other in the country. Due to their diverse dialects, RMS has Mulembe FM that broadcasts to the Wanga sub tribes, Sulwe FM for the Bukusu and Vuuka FM that speaks Lurogoli to the Maragoli. Citizen TV is by large Kenya’s most watched television channel commanding 52% of television audience in Kenya.

Citizen TV prides itself in a variety of programming fashioned to connect with its audience. Apart from local shows, the viewer is given an array of entertainment ranging from the highly addictive Nigerian movies, the continuously captivating soap operas and a few action movies here and there.

But Citizen TV is not just about entertainment. The news content on Citizen is probably the most balanced and given a professional touch by some of the sharpest editors in the country then presented by the country’s top anchors. Boasting of the biggest audience attracted by its programming and editorial content, Citizen TV is most advertisers’ preferred destination for brand visibility because one is assured of the numbers.

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