Ruiru Town Guide

Ruiru town is a town in the Kiambu County  in Kenya. Located within three kilometers of Nairobi’s city boundary, Ruiru is a dormitory town for the nation’s capital and is connected by both rail and road. The town covers an area of 292 km² and is surrounded by numerous coffee plantations.

 Population and Economic Activities of Ruiru Town

As of 2009, Ruiru’s population is 238,858, the rapid population growth is a response to shortage of available housing in Nairobi. The town has struggled to adapt to the influx of people. Ruiru town is also an industrial town with several major factories including Devki Steel Mills, Spinners & Spinners Garment Factory, Ruiru Feeds, etc. It is well served by banks and shopping malls and currently is enjoying some housing boom as many coffee estates are converted into residential areas including an upcoming multi-billion Tatu Estate. ICT businesses are also emerging including Smart Edge PASHA center a digital village by the KICT board where the community can buy computers and get free computer training.

The town was faced with many challenges; a poor road network making them non-commutable for vehicles, a non-existent drainage system and an inefficient sewage system among others.

In the first phase of development, the company constructed the P.G Dodhia road, public toilets and developed green recreational parks around the town. In addition, it started its tree planting scheme, having now planted over 1,000 trees to date.

The second phase is currently ongoing and is almost complete. It has involved the building of an all weather road network in the town with a proper drainage system, which is especially useful in the rainy seasons. Already 8km of road has been completed! In addition, the company has introduced a regular garbage collection scheme.

Ruiru Health Facilities

Githunguri Health Centre (Ruiru)

MFL Code: 16748
Facility Type: Health Centre
Owner: Ministry of Health

Kalimoni Hospital (Ruiru)

MFL Code: 18200
Facility Type: Health Centre
Owner: Kenya Episcopal Conference-Catholic Secretariat

Jacaranda Health Limited (Ruiru)

MFL Code: 18559
Facility Type: Health Centre
Owner: Non-Governmental Organizations

Hotels and Accommodations in Ruiru

  • Rock Beach Resort
  • Overstone Park Hotel
  • Jobcamp Guest House
  • Rainbow Ruiru Resort

Ruiru Town- Photo

Ruiru Town Kenya

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