Ruth Wamuyu Biography

Ruth Wamuyu is a Kenyan gospel musician and a pastor at House of Judah Ministries . She is the wife to Reverend Theuri Maina and a mother of two. She picked up with her single hit in 1998 ‘Mambo sawa sawa’

Ruth Wamuyu Musical Career

Ruth Wamuyu musical career started  in the mid 90s, but picked up with her hit single in 1998  ‘Mambo Sawa Sawa’. In 2000, she recorded her first album ‘Asante’ which went on to receive critical acclaim. She has been consistent in rolling out her music and is currently working on her 7th album, ‘Angalia’ off which she brings to us her latest video ‘I Surrender’ which features Guy Watunda.

Ruth Wamuyu has sang for the President at State House in 2010, as well as being invited for performances internationally, in countries such as Germany, the US and the UK.

Ruth Wamuyu Songs

  1. Kioneki
  2. Nirejeshee)
  3. Wî mûthaka
  4. Githima
  5. Wikaga Maundu Manene
  6. Seremala
  7. Duration
  8. Naijulikane
  9. Wikaga
  11. Murui Mbara
  12. Amukira Ngatho
  14. Bendera
  15. Twakusifu
  16. ASANTE

Ruth Wamuyu as a Pastor

Ruth Wamuyu
Ruth Wamuyu

Ruth Wamuyu career as a church minister began as a young girl when she discovered her talent in music. In 2004, her and her husband  (Reverend Theuri Maina) began the House of Judah ministry in Kikuyu Township.

In 2010, they were  ordained as ministers of the gospel and she says it has been a journey of prayer and transformation for them.

They later opened the town branch of House of Judah ministries at Casino Cinema House in Nairobi and continued the lunch-hour prayer meetings.

She says that greatest joy of being a minister is transforming the lives of many people. According to her, she gets fulfilled when she sees the results of the transformations andshe believe she was brought to this earth to serve God in all capacities. In the past five years, she says she have witnessed God’s amazing grace and sustenance in their ministry. They trust He will continue to bless them and extend their work to all nations, as they hope to see House of Judah grow into an international ministry.

Ruth Wamuyu Challenges as a minister of gospel

As a gospel minister Ruth Wamuyu deals with various challenges like in any other sector. Some of the challenges she faces she tells them off.

“As a minister, I deal with different kinds of people from diverse backgrounds. I have to treat each case differently as I try to meet their spiritual and counselling needs. So far, the grace of God has been my driving force. My passion to serve God and fulfil his purpose for me has been the wind beneath my wings, and the good results from my ministry continue to encourage me to press on. My work gives my heart peace. I live a simple life and I thank God for that, but as a minister I also find that my personal space is limited as I am called to serve day and night. My typical day begins at 6.30am because I like seeing my children off to school. After that, I do my morning devotion for about one hour then leave the house for the office at around 10am where I do my pastoral duties. At 12.30pm, we break for the lunch service, which goes on until 2.30pm then I go back to the office. I go to class three days a week at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) at 5pm. I usually get home by 8pm. Working alongside my husband has been a great experience. We work as a team and it has been good for the growth of our ministry and my music career.”

Ruth Wamuyu Family

Ruth Wamuyu is married since 2000 to Reverend Theuri Maina who was once a teacher but now he is a reverend ans also works in the publishing sector and has co authored many books.

They are blessed with two daughters Taffi Neema ans Precious Zawadi- Who is a brilliant singer and has even recorded some songs on her mums phone. Ruth says that her children are proud of their parents

“My children are proud of the fact that their parents are ministers and they show their support in every possible way. Often, children of ministers feel under pressure to behave in a certain way, but we have struck a balance that works. Children are sensitive and parents need to spare enough time to be with them so that they do not resent the pastoral work. As a mother, I ensure I spend quality time with my daughters. Twice a year, we go for a family holiday to strengthen our bond.”

Ruth Wamuyu Music Video – Naijulikane