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Sable Antelope in Kenya

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Sable Antelope in Kenya Description

Also found only in the Shimba Hills National Reserve the sable antelope is slightly smaller than its cousin the roan, but is more solidly built. The colouring is dark brown to black, with white face markings and belly. Both sexes carry long backswept horns which average around 80 cm, those of the male being longer and more curved.

The sable antelope is active mainly in the early morning and late afternoon, and is found in herds of up to 25 and sometimes more in the dry season. They are territorial and each group occupies a large area, although within this area individual males have demarcated territories of up to 30 hectares. Sable feed mainly off grass but leaves and foliage from trees account for around 10% of their diet.

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Females start bearing calves at around three years of age, and the main calving times are January and September.

Like the roan, the sable is a fierce fighter and has been known to kill lions when attacked. Other predators include the leopard, hyena and hunting dog.

Sable Antelope in Kenya – Photo

Sable  Antelope in Kenya

Sable Antelope in Kenya – Video