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Ol-lentille Sanctuary

A Guide To Ol-lentille Sanctuary

Ol Lentille  Sanctuary is perched on the flanks of wooded rock kopje, grassy hills, and deep valleys heavily wooded with many acacia species and African olives. The Santuary is home to the endangered African wild dog, greater kudu, leopard, striped and spotted hyena and klipspringer, as well as many elephant.

The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille is located in a private conservancy within the Naibunga Conservancy of the Laikipia Plateau. This is a boutique destination that offers a very private service. Guests enjoy their own private house and safari vehicle as well as a personal Butler, Valet and Maasai guide.

The Sanctuary offers breathtaking views of the craggy peaks of Mount Kenya, the Samburu sacred mountain Ol Olokwe, the Matthews Range and the Karisia Hills. It is named after Ol Lentille, a 1977 meter hill from where an astonishing panorama unfolds

Sanctuary at Ol-lentille

Sanctuary at Ol-lentille


  • Exclusive private accommodation with butler, chef, guide & askaris
  • Day & night drives, guided walks, horse & camel rides, quadbiking, mountain biking and overnight camping offered
  • Premier spa & art gallery on site
  • Rural retreat with architecturally designed houses

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