Secretary to the Cabinet in Kenya

There is established the office of Secretary to the Cabinet, which is an office in the public service. The Secretary to the Cabinet shall;

  1. be nominated and, with the approval of the National Assembly, appointed by the President; and
  2. may be dismissed by the President.

The Secretary to the Cabinet shall;

  1. have charge of the Cabinet office;
  2. be responsible, subject to the directions of the Cabinet, for arranging the business, and keeping the minutes, of the Cabinet;
  3. convey the decisions of the Cabinet to the appropriate persons or authorities; and
  4. have other functions as directed by the Cabinet.

The Secretary to the Cabinet may resign from office by giving notice, in writing, to the President.

Secretary to the Cabinet – Decisions, responsibility and accountability of the Cabinet

  1. A decision by the Cabinet shall be in writing.
  2. Cabinet Secretaries are accountable individually, and collectively, to the President for the exercise of their powers and the performance of their functions.
  3. A Cabinet Secretary shall attend before a committee of the National Assembly, or the Senate, when required by the committee, and answer any question concerning a matter for which the Cabinet Secretary is responsible.
  4. Cabinet Secretaries shall;
  • act in accordance with this Constitution; and
  • provide Parliament with full and regular reports concerning matters under their control.