Shaffie Weru Biography

Shaffie Weru is radio presenter, an entertainer, MC and the real turn King in Kenya. He hosts the Big Breakfast show alongside Adelle Onyango in the morning on Kiss 100. He refers himself as the secretary general of ‘team mafisi’

He has a daring personality that put him on the spotlight, while on the daily rush hour Show, with the Media Council of Kenya and his employer after complains were raised regarding his choice of words and topics which were widely viewed as offensive to a section of the society.  It was after being summoned by his bosses that Shaffie decided to do what is now popular known for in his show coining words which his listeners can easily relate to and at the same time do not undermine others; words such as Lungula for sex and chapo for gay.

The radio host is also known for spending loads of money on luxury items like watches, shoes, electronics, cars and is also a lover of high-speed motorbikes.

Shaffie Weru Education Background

1997- 1999: Student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Diploma in Mass Communication/ Media Studies (Radio and TV Production)

1994- 1997: Secondary school student at Chuka High School, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, B

Shaffie Weru Career as a journalist

He has took the radio waves by storm with his co-host Kalekye Mumo. He was hosting the drive show with Kalekye Mumo until Caroline Mutoko left the Big Breakfast show in the morning and they had to step in. Currently he host the morning show alongside Adelle Onyango after Kalekye left radio.

Shaffie Weru Work Experience

  • January 2002- Present: Journalist/ Radio Host, Kiss 100, Radio Africa Group
  • January 1998- July 2001: Sports Reporter, Producer at Royal Media Services
  • January 1998- June 1999: Journalist/ Producer at Royal Media Services

Shaffie Weru Volunteer Experience

February 2012: Ambassador of Mulrany International

Shaffie Weru Family

He grew up in Kibera’s Golf Course estate opposite Ngummo and South C as the first born in a family of three— two boys and a girl. His mother is Nubian and dad is Kikuyu and he speaks fluent Nubian, understands Kikuyu, but can’t speak it.

Shaffie Weru and Debbie

In 2003, the charming Debbie landed a presenter’s job and begun to host Warehouse, an interactive music show. She moved on to present Karaoke at the Pizza Garden restaurant. She was on her final year in Daystar University then, and yes, there was no stopping Debbie from living her quest of becoming one of the top showbiz princesses in the region. It was at the height of Tattuu’s success that Debbie met Shaffie Weru, an ambitious young chap who had just graduated from college. He had studied mass communication. The two hit it off and became an item. By 2005, Debbie was expecting Shaffie’s baby, the beautiful Milan. Even though the couple parted ways last year after a fall out, which saw them trade accusations on social media, the Debbie-Shaffie affair was not short of controversy. In fact, it was never a surprise when the two announced that they had gone separate ways, much as it won’t be a shock if the two got back together.They are like tempestuous soulmates! They had only dated for two years when rumours of their split hit showbiz headlines. That was in October 2004. However, they both trashed the rumours and announced that they were preparing to wed.
The romantic relationship was at its best that year and could onlyhave gotten better as Debbie landed a job at Kiss FM, the same station where Shaffie worked. Their wedding plans were on high gear even though their split rumours got even worse. The entry of Joan, Shaffie’s newcomer girlfriend, is said to have hurt Debbie to the point of tears and so much so after Shaffie announced he was set to marry Joan. All Debbie wanted was to keep the split on the lowdown and avoid public humiliation.

Shaffie Weru and Debbie
Shaffie Weru and Debbie

Shaffie Weru and Marya

Rumours has it that the Chokoza hit maker Marya was getting all cosy with the Radio party boy shaffie Weru after a break up with Mustapha. Mustapha and Shaffie Weru are closest friends. Mustapha said that he once approached Shaffie as a brother and asked for his advice. Mustapha says that he felt betrayed for Shaffie hooking up with Marya since their break up was based on Mustapha being a muslim and yet shaffie is also a muslim.

Marya admitted that something was brewing between her and Shaffie Weru and admitted that it was had to keep it from the public eye. She said that they would see each other in public functions and nor raise an eyebrow since they are both in the showbiz.

Shaffie Weru Daughter

Shaffie Weru is a father to two beautiful daughters Milan and Nia; and a son known as Tyron Njambari.

Milan is the daughter of Shaffie Weru and Debbie while Nia is the daughter of Shaffie Weru and Joan Mwihaki.


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Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru








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