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Smallz Lethal Biography

Smallz Lethal whose real name is Jim Nyakundibelieves in God and derives inspiration from his mentor,role model and Dad John Lovelex..He started rapping way back in 2002 n recorded his first single in 2005 alongside Gaza of UKOO FLANI and Mr.BLACK,who together were in a rap group MAD SOCIETY.MAD SOCIETY split a few years after with Mr.BLACK n SAHX relocating to oversees.

In 2010,Smallz and Flamez,a rapper from Dandora(HIPHOP CITY) formed WASHAMBA WENZA and later hooked with KEV MAMBA..
W.wenza is currently one of the best rap groups in KENYA and runs a youth initiative GHETTO YOUTH FOR PEACE (G.Y.F.P) with Smallz lethal as the Chair. He has a few singles to his name i.e WANA-BONGA,L.O.A,FUNGUA MACHO among others..he hopes to work with singers and rappers from all over the world.


  • Common Mwananchi
  • Mogaka Music
  • Nataka Kudoz
  • Many Mcs
  • Vile Inafaa
  • Fungua Macho
  • Usinijaribu
  • On Toes
  • We Here Now
  • Call On You
  • Life of an Artist
  • Rome
  • Life Celebrate
  • Sorry
  • Believers
  • Hold it Down
  • Love
  • Praise God
  • Star

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Smallz Lethal

Smallz Lethal


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