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Sports Kenya

Sports Kenya Description

Sports Kenya (SK) is a state corporation established by the Sports Act, 2013 and given the mandate to carry out functions formally performed by Sports Stadia Management Board and the Department of Sports.

The key aim for its formation was to promote co –ordinate and implement national and international sports programmes, establish, manage, develop and maintain the sports facilities including convention centers, indoor sporting and recreational facilities in the country and participate in the promotion of sports tourism among others. Sports Kenya is expected to develop modern sports facilities as well us improve the existing ones.

Sports Kenya manages two of Kenya’s premier Sporting Complexes, which is Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani and Nyayo National Stadium both in Nairobi City.

Core Functions of Sports Kenya

The functions of Sports Kenya are to :—

(a) promote, co-ordinate and implement grassroots, national and international sports programs for Kenyans, in liaison with the relevant sports organizations and facilitate the active participation of Kenyans in regional, continental and international sports, including in sports administration.

(b) manage and maintain the sports facilities i.e Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, Nyayo National Stadium and any other facilities which the Cabinet Secretary may may declare to be sports facilities through a gazette notice

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(c) establish, manage, develop and maintain the sports facilities, including convention centers, indoor sporting and recreational facilities.

(d) adopt, develop, plan, set stadia standards and licence and regularly inspect stadia for sporting and recreational use.

(e) establish and maintain a sports museum; participate in the promotion of sports tourism;

(f) provide the necessary amenities or facilities for persons using the services or facilities provided by Sports Kenya;

(g) operate sports facilities on public grounds in such manner as it deems necessary;

(h) collaborate with county governments, learning institutions and other stakeholders concerned with sports and recreation, in the search, identification and development of sporting talent, provision of sports equipment, facilities and technical training,

(i) identify and recommend talents in sports to national sports organizations;

(j) inculcate the sense of patriotism and national pride through sports and recreation, create awareness on matters of national interest through sporting events,

(k) create awareness on the benefits of regular participation in sports for healthy living and provide advisory and counseling services to athletes;

(1) determine the national colours to be used in national and international competitions, in consultation with the relevant national sports organizations;

(m) facilitate the preparation and participation of Kenyan teams in various international events and the hosting of similar events in the country and recommend members of steering committees for international sports competitions, in consultation with the relevant national sports organizations;

(n) recommend to the relevant authorities issuance of work permits and visas to foreign athletes and technical sports personnel, in consultation with the relevant national sports organizations;

(o) approve, at the request of the respective national sports organization, the clearance of foreign sports technical personnel before engagement by national sports organizations and other sporting bodies;

(p) organize and co-ordinate training, conduct research, maintain a resource centre and provide and engage consultancy services for sports development programmes, in consultation with the respective national sports organizations;

(q) with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary, prescribe charges or fees in respect of —

  • access to, or use of, any of the resources or facilities of Sports Kenya;
  • the provision of programs, services, information or advice by Sports Kenya; and the admission of persons to events and activities organized by Sports Kenya;  recommend, in liaison with the relevant sports organizations, tax exemption for sports persons; and  perform such other functions related to the implementation of the Sports Act as may be directed by the Cabinet Secretary.
Sports Kenya

Sports Kenya

The Sports Act 2013 further gives Sports Kenya the following powers:

Sports Kenya has the power to—

(a) erect buildings and structures and carry out works necessary or desirable for the purposes of Sports Kenya;

(b) appoint agents and attorneys;

(c) engage persons to perform services for Sports Kenya;

(d) obtain commercial sponsorship for Sports Kenya and participate in marketing arrangements involving endorsement by Sports Kenya of products and services associated with sports;

(e) provide, whether by sale or otherwise, any article or thing bearing a mark, symbol or writing that is associated with Sports Kenya;

(f) regulate the provision of services and use of the facilities of Sports Kenya;

(g) act as an agent for any person engaged, whether within Kenya or elsewhere, in the performance of services, or the provision of facilities, of a kind similar or complementary to those performed or provided by Sports Kenya;

(h) undertake the construction or execution of any works on land vested in Sports Kenya; and

(i) make Regulations, with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary —

  • relating to the use, safety or maintenance of the stadia falling within its responsibility;
  • relating to the erection of structures on, near, over or under the stadia falling within its responsibility;
  • for the drainage of streets, lands, compounds and buildings adjacent to the stadia;
  • for the inspection of the level, width and construction of stadia and play grounds; and
  • for the removal, demolition or alteration of any projection, structure or thing obstructing a stadia or likely to cause damage or inconvenience to sports facility users

In addition, Sports Kenya endeavours to pursue the following informal functions:

  1. Collaborate with facility managers in the region or state agencies to enable provision of facility management expertise
  2. Pursue the provision and adoption of recreation as part of sports in all respects and areas covered herein.

Sports Kenya Contacts

Physical Location: Kasarani, Nairobi.
Tel: +254 020 239 0500 / 2390501
Fax: +254 (20) 211 3135

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