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Squatters in Kenya

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Squatters in Kenya Description

Squatters in Kenya: The National Land Policy has outlined mechanisms of resolving the squatter problem at the Coast, and proposes to take an inventory of all government land Within the 10-mile coastal strip, covering 1,128 parcels measuring 80,000 hectares in Kwale, Kilifi, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu and Tana River districts.

Squatters in Kenya

Even before the operationalisation of the commission, the Government has already settled 70,790 families in settlement schemes covering 35,300.5 hectares in Kwale, Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu, from a region where 128,900 squatter families in Kenya have been identified and registered.

The Ministry of Lands has also audited absentee landlords in the coastal region and found they own an estimated 77,753.02 hectares, although comprehensive data is still being sought to establish the actual acreage controlled by this category.

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This notwithstanding, the government has started untangling the land problem at the Coast by empowering locals as evidenced by the adjudication of land in Kwale County.

It is worth noting that in some areas such as Msambweni, land has been adjudicated and registered but 14,000 titles have not been collected. At the same time, following the 2007 nullification of allocations done in Mbughuni in the 1990s, fresh survey and demarcation has been initiated.

Besides survey demarcation and settling of squatters and the landless, the Ministry of Lands has also been resolving disputes as exemplified by the Tumbe Settlement Schemes in Kwale, Where the allocation process had to be carried out afresh after local residents complained.

The scheme’s survey maps have already been completed and a list of genuine allotees approved.

Squatters in Kenya

Squatters in Kenya

Squatters in Kenya – Video