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State Law Office in Kenya

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State Law Office in Kenya

State Law Office in Kenya: Also commonly referred to as the Office of the Attorney-General, the State Law Office’s main function is to advise the Government of Kenya on all legal matters.

The Attorney-General is the principal legal advisor of the Government on legal matters. He is also mandated to represent the national government in court or in any other legal proceedings to which the national government is a party, other than criminal proceedings.

The Attorney-General also has authority to appear as a friend of the court in any civil proceedings to which the Government is not a party.

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The Attorney-General is assisted by the So1icitor-General, and State counsels who work at the Office.

The Solicitor-General’s Office is responsible for assisting the Attorney-General in the performance of his duties as principal legal adviser to the Government, organising, co-oordinating and managing the administrative and legal functions of the State Law Office, assisting in formulation of legal policy and ensuring proper administration of Kenya’s legal system, including professional legal education and handling of human rights issues.

The State Law Office is divided into departments ,each with specific duties. The departments are: –

The Registrar-General

Headed by the Registrar-General, the department is responsible for provision of registration services for incorporation of companies, registration of business names, trade unions, societies, handling of official receiver duties and administering and registering civil marriages.

The staff in this department are spread out throughout the headquarters in Nairobi, as well as at its field offices in other towns.

Treaties and Agreements

The department deals with international and development law relating to aspects of government policy and transactions, and interpretation of, and guidance on various statutes.

The Administrator-General This department is responsible for facilitating the performance of duties related to custodianship and administration of estates of deceased persons, as well as minors’ trusts.

The Office of the Public Trustee falls in this department and is responsible for, among other duties, administration of estates, and administration and management of trusts.

Legislative Drafting Department

The Office of the Attorney-General drafts bills to be presented in. Parliament. Additionally, it is also the role of the department to competently advice on all legal aspects of the bills, statutes and notices.

Advocates Complaints Commission

The Advocates Complaints Commission has two commissioners, seven state counsels and 14 support staff. Its cardinal role is to inquire into complaints against any advocate or firm of advocates.

State Law Office in Kenya

State Law Office in Kenya

Civil Litigation Department

The civil litigation department is responsible for instituting and defending civil suits against the Government.

Administration and Finance

The department provides general direction and administration of financial matters. Its constitutive units include administration, human resources, procurement, finance, planning and ICT.

Witness Protection

The unit was established in March, 2009, under the Witness Protection Act. Its core function is to provide protection to key witnesses who have crucial evidence in sensitive cases.