Swaleh Mdoe Biography

Swaleh Mdoe is a media personality. He is the managing editor and Swahili news anchor on Citizen TV he is popularly known for his quotes on Citizen Tv’s nipashe, ‘Tafakari ya Babu’.

Swaleh Mdoe Education Background

2003-2005: Student at Malaspina University College, Canada, Distance Learning Bachelor of Communication;Media Studies.

1996: Student at Media Institute, Diploma in Human Rights and Media Course.

Student at Tudor Day School in Mombasa, Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE)

Swaleh Mdoe Job History


March 2007- August 2013:Managing Editor- Kiswahili service/ Cum News Anchor at Citizen Tv Swahili bulletin, Nipashe.

  • Provide leadership to the News staff for Kiswahili section: Reporters/ Stringers/Camerapersons/ News Editors.
  • Plan and laying out strategies for daily news coverage / Features.
  • Presenting Live Television News and a Talk-Show Ana Kwa Ana (Face To Face)
  • Final Editing and Translation of Kiswahili items: scripts, footage and graphics for broadcasting.
  • Production of daily news bulletins and other programs, ie: Allocating assignments, Sourcing / Gathering information.
  • Researching on news background information to enrich stories / Features.
  • Oversee the implementation of the editorial policies/and company’s objectives.
  • Convene and chair regular editorial meetings.
  • Participating in Editorial and other product development meetings.
  • Establish and maintain contacts/relationships with other media houses/ agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Monitor on-air output to ensure quality and consistency in delivery of News.
  • Advising the Management on strategic issues, viewing patterns and make recommendations to relevant managers.

July 2001-January 2007: Lead News Anchor- KTN Leo- Swahili Bulletin.

  • Production of informative, objective, relevant and well-presented Kiswahili news bulletins and current affairs programs.
  • Presenting Live Television News in Kiswahili and, if need be, English.
  • Final Editing and Translation of Kiswahili items by preparing the scripts, footage and graphics for broadcasting.
  • Organizing, Supervising and Coordinating all Kiswahili News team activities.
  • To source news articles and maintain contacts with sources and agencies, etc.
  • Keeping abreast of the best practice, the competition and trends in the television industry.
  • To identify and recommend recruitment of Kiswahili Reporters and Correspondents.
  • To participate in Editorial and other product development meetings.

December 1999- January 2001: Tv Presenter at Nation Media Group;Kiswahili Radio / TV Presenter

  • Presenting news bulletins on ( Nation 96.4 FM) and TV in Kiswahili.
  • Sourcing and gathering news copies for Radio and TV.
  • Editing Programs from district Correspondents, News Sources and the Audio Technology ( DTI) computer system.
  • Recording and editing audio using the LAN radio system and digital
    Audio Recorders.
  • Translating and editing news scripts from English to Kiswahili.
  • Proof-reading Kiswahili copies for radio and TV.

January 1998- January 2001: Contributing shipping items at Nation Media Group’s.

February 1995-December 1999: Swahili Service Reporter at BBC

January 1996- January 1997: Deputy Chairman Publicity Committee of the Mombasa The Agricultural Society of Kenya

January 1992- April 1996: Contributing reports, features from Kenya on various topics, The Express (Tanzania’s first independent weekly)

July 1994- December 1995: Special Writer, The Weekly Mail.

January 1993- January 1995: Contributing news items, features from Kenya on various subjects, Uhuru Publications, Tanzania.

November 1992- July 1994: Publication Editor at The Message.

November 1991- October 1992: Correspondent at The Standard Newspaper.

January 1991- November 1991: Columnist on Darubini Yetu, Kenya Times Newspaper.

January 19899- November 1991: Shipping Clerk with several companies on part-time contracts.

January 1987- December 1987: Chairman-cum-Editor at School Journalism Club.

Swaleh Mdoe Awards

In February 2004, he received a recognition award-star of Excellence Award (SOEA) from Daystar University in the media personality of the year category, awarded to individuals for excellence in Leadership and Service.

Swaleh Mdoe Child Neglect

In 2014, he was taken to court by one Fauzia Ahmed who claimed that he sired a child with her and had neglected the responsibilities.

She claims that the child was born in 2004 as they were cohabitating since 2001. Swaleh denied the allegation saying that he only knew her while he was working at a media organisation in 2001 where Fauzia worked as an intern. He also said that he is married and has children and that would have made it hard for him to co habitat with her.

Fauzia claimed that he earned Sh. 750,000 monthly salary. He had initially been directed to pay school fees and related expenses amounting to Sh 21,000 but failed to act.

In a fresh application made on February 17 through her lawyer, she wanted the court to order that Mdoe’s salary be attached and the upkeep remitted to her. She complained that the child had failed to report to school in January because mdoe had not paid her school fees. She also claimed that their daughter’s performance had been greatly affected as a result.

She also wanted Mdoe to be compelled to pay Sh.50,000 temporarily before the main case is determined. She said it would cater for food, medical needs, clothing, house rent and school fees.

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