The 5 Most Useful Facebook Pages in Kenya

This is a comprehensive List of the most useful facebook pages in Kenya.

1. Business Ideas 101

Business Ideas 101 helps you to come up with a business concept and decide on the kind of business you should start.

2. Soko Nyeusi

If you are on Facebook you’ve probably heard of the black market group aka soko nyeusi. This is an open Facebook group that allows individuals, small medium enterprises and even corporates to post information about good and services they have and people get to interact in the comments section or call the prospective sellers for more information. It is not the only group of its kind as many have sprung up offering the same services.

3. Gazeti Daily

Gazeti daily helps on to get daily newspapers online.

4. Soko Kuu

soko kuu is a page on Facebook where you can sell your products and meet potential buyers and sellers.

5. Kraziest Kenyans

Kraziest Kenyans is a page on facebook where one posts funny and crazy videos and also photos