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The Mfangano-Rusinga Island Complex

A Guide To The Mfangano-Rusinga Island Complex

The Mfangano-Rusinga Island Complex is surrounded by expansive beaches and is home to monitor lizards, hippos, and over 100 species of birds. Rusinga is the final resting place of the late Tom Mboya, a famous politician who was assassinated in 1969. It is also rich in fossils, including a Proconsul skull.The Mfangano-Rusinga Island Complex

Mfangano-Rusinga Island complex is located in Lake Victoria, South – west Kenya. The area is classified as semi arid to semi – humid type and has a bimodal rainfall pattern. The vegetation is variable but dominated by a combination of thick forest trees and shrubs down slope, while the hilltop is dominated by patches of forest and grassland. The inhabitants are the Abasuba people, a sub tribe of the Bantu of East Africa who have been largely culturally influenced by the more dominant Luo through interaction and intermarriage. Mfangano Island derived its name from the term ‘okuwangana’ which means to unite in Abasuba, or a place where people united. The name might have originated due to the fact that Mfangano Island provided refuge to groups that were conquered in the mainland by the more populous Luo people. Between four and eleven generations ago, the following groups lived in the island: the Wagimbe, Wisokolwa, Kakimba-Wiramba, Wasamo, Wagire, Wakula, Wakinga, Wakisori, Wakisasi, Waozi, Walundu, Wiyokia, Walowa, Waganda and Wakiaya. Mfangano Island is known for its ancient rock art sites, sacred sites whose description is provided below

The Mfangano-Rusinga Island Complex Contacts

Category: Archaeological site, Lake or River, Birding Site
Region: Western
City / Town: Rusinga Island
Road / Street: Mbita Causeway
Telephone: +254 20 374 2131, +254 721 308485
Entrance Fee: Yes