Top 10 Companies to Work for in Kenya

Top 10 Companies to Work for in Kenya are also believed to be the best employers in the country. Many university graduates apply for Internship programs with a hope of being absorbed by the company on completion of the program. The products by the top companies are household names, and their products are the top brands in Kenya.There are hundreds of companies in Kenya either indigenous or those started by foreign investors. However, there are a number of companies that stand out from the rest due to their exemplary quality of services. I will discuss 10 of Kenya’s top companies in terms of their financial might and their reputation.

Safaricom limited

Safaricom is Kenya’s biggest communication network provider. The company has over 18 million subscribers across Kenya. The company has come up with numerous innovative services that have put them ahead of their competitors. M-PESA is Kenya’s most widely used money transfer service with millions of shillings transferred on a daily basis. M-KESHO and the recent M-SHWARI are money transfer services that have transformed money transfer between banks and the M-PESA service. Safaricom has continued to grow steadily since its inception in the late 1990′s.

Equity Bank

Equity made a comprehensive research on the existing market gaps when in entered the banking world. Its main target was people on the low income group. this group was for ages neglected by conventional banks in the earlier days and this is what saw equity bag over 6 million customers. James Mwangi the C.E.O of Equity, has led his group to the bank as the best bank in Kenya winning local as well as international awards for outstanding services. Equity, through it’s innovative services have made it possible for people with low financial ability to have access to loans.

East African Breweries Limited

EABL is a top performing company in Kenya and the East African region at large. The brewer manufactures high quality beer, wines and spirits. The government’s imposition of high taxes on the company over the years has not slowed down the company as it continues to record impressive results. The presence of EABL’s product is evident in every Kenyan bar. Competition in the alcohol market has become fiercer and this has pushed the company to develop new products to counter their competitors.

East African Breweries Limited
East African Breweries Limited

Nation Media Group

NMG is a leading media company in the country for years now. The company is proof that the Kenyan media industry is maturing and is gaining international standards. The company has crossed borders to the neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania. The company has a wide readership for its print media The Nation Newspaper and Business Daily. It also has a wide number of viewers from across the country and beyond.  The media house is considered among the best institutions to work for.

Kenya Commercial Bank

KCB is one of Kenya’s top 10 companies for a number of reasons. First, it is considered by most people the best financial service provider in the country.  Second, the bank has a heavy brand presence across the country with a stunning over 160 branches in Kenya. The bank’s stocks are listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and are performing well. Assets under the banks name are valued at over 2 billion US dollars. This makes the banks one of Kenya’s major brands.

Toyota Kenya

Toyota is the largest automobile company in Kenya. A large percent of vehicles on Kenyan roads are of Toyota Company. Toyota is a trusted brand by most Kenya drivers since it has for ages manufactured high quality products that suit the specific needs of its customers. In 2012 the company was awarded the best company by COYA (Company of the Year Awards) who had conducted a survey on various Kenyan companies. The company has developed various products to suit various group of people. For example, Toyota has manufactured vehicles that are relatively cheaper to make them affordable to low income persons.

British American Investment

Britam is a leading insurance and financial company in the country. The company has for a long time provided high quality services to its clients in Kenya. The company has a large client base owing to it tailor made services that specifically match the need the people. The company has a large assets base making it a highly valued company in the country. COYA rated Britam as a high performing company in Kenya.

Total Kenya Limited

Total supplies petroleum products of high quality in the Kenyan market. The company has a total market share of 23% and is Kenya largest petroleum product supplier. The company boasts over 170 stations located in various parts of the country. The stations are conveniently located and are easily accessible for customers. Total Kenya supplies products such as diesel, petrol, and Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and kerosene.

Bamburi Cement

Bamburi cement is not only Kenya’s largest cement manufacturer but East Africa’s largest cement supplier. The company has for decades continued to supply the construction industry with high quality reliable cement products. Bamburi Cement Company manufactures products that are environmental friendly with the use of superior technology. Bamburi Cement has been used to construct strong and durable building all over Kenya. The company has the majority market share and it stands out from its competitors.

Google Kenya

Google tops best-employer lists worldwide. We’ve all heard the stories of gorgeous offices, free gourmet food, and complimentary massages. Alas, those insane benefits vary by location but no matter where you are, Google provides generous maternity and paternity leave, free travel insurance, complimentary legal advice, and reimbursement for career-related courses.
You’re also guaranteed to be working with cutting-edge technology and brilliant people. So if you thrive on being an early adopter who hangs around, well, other early adopters, then it doesn’t get much better than Google.