Top Ten Radio Stations in Kenya

Top Ten Radio Stations in Kenya – This is a comprehensive list of top 10 most listened to radio stations in Kenya. This is according to Kenya Audience Research Foundation (KARF) and Geo Poll

Here is a list of the Radio station in Kenya and the number of estimated listeners

Radio citizen – 9, 660, 249

Radio Citizen is a project by Niko Schabel and a collective of musicians. The Radio station is owned by Royal Media Services.  Radio Citizen controls ¼ of the listenership in the country. This is estimated to be a share of about 21%.

Classic FM

Classic FM has grown to be among the most popular radio station in the Kenya. It is estimated to have a listenership of about 8%.

Radio Taifa – 5, 123, 588

The station is popular among village dwellers, old generation and people who are mostly bored with busy life. This is where you will listen to old songs, especially soothing gospel music and Daudi Kabaka.

jambo fm – 4, 080, 640

The Radio Station is owned by Radio Africa, with over 3 million more listeners. The station is very popular for its programs touching on sports, reggae and family matters, which the youths can ralate to. The radio station has a listenership of about 12% which is a significant audience.

Radio Maisha

Radio Maisha is owned by Standard Media Group. The radio station is more popular for its morning program hosted by presenters Mwakideu and Jalangoo.

Kameme FM – 3, 775, 697

Kameme FM is owned by Mediamax Network Ltd. The vernacular radio station is among the most popular radio stations in Kenya. The Kikuyu vernacular station is listened by over 5 million Kenyans, who are all from the Kikuyu community. The station beats its main competitor, Inooro, by a significant margin.

Milele FM – 3, 632, 186

Milele FM is owned by mediamax Network Limited.

Inooro fm – 2, 783, 959

This radio station is owned by Royal Media Services. The Kikuyu vernacular radion station has the highest listenership in Central Kenya.

Kiss FM – 2, 757, 973

This urban radio station.

Ramogi FM – 2, 228, 309

In terms of listenership by location, Ramogi FM leads in the Lake Topography.


Due to the large number of smaller and sometimes local radio stations, 21% of the average audience share is listening to an “Other” station, one that does not have a high enough listenership to rank nationally.



Top Ten Radio Stations in Kenya
Top Ten Radio Stations in Kenya

Top Ten Radio Stations in Kenya – Video